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Cleaning the Throttle Body

Bleeding Brakes & Clutch

Installing the TechnoTorque

Installing the TechnoBrace

Installing Front Engine Mount


Replacing CV Boots & Axles

Replacing Pads and Rotors

Make the PSE Pedro Sport Exhaust

Installing Center Radiator + Coolant Bleeding Instructions

Top operational while in motion

Making the TechnoFlo Intake

Upholstering interior trim pieces in leather

Repairing Sticky Radio Buttons

Replacing the Ignition Switch

Painting the Brake Calipers

Replacing the Lights Switch

Replacing the Fuel Filter

Changing Oil & Filter (986/987/981)

Repairing the plastic underpanels

Changing Spark Plugs & Spark Plug Tubes

PORSCHE approved Oil List

Flushing the Coolant Sytem

Replacing the Radiator Fans

Replacing the Coolant Reservoir

Replacing the Water Pump

Replacing the AOS (Air/Oil Separator)

Accessing the Engine Bay

Changing the 981 Engine Air Filter

Changing the 981 Cabin Filter


Modern, water-cooled Porsches are extremely easy to work on by yourself, if you have the right aptitude, tools and information.

There have been stories about Dealer Sales People telling their new potential customers that "you have to drop the engine to change the oil", or that "you have to remove the whole convertible top to access the engine bay".

These actual statements couldn't be farther from the truth.  Following, I will document maintenance, repair and 'hacking' DIY proyects that you can undertake yourself.

I have, and so have many others.

Happy Boxstering,