If you’re having problems with the headlights, you may need to replace the lights switch.

In our particular case, we had lost the low beams, while all the other (Parking, high beams and fogs) were working.

We checked the bulbs themselves, which were fine as well as the fuses.  That left the switch.

The tools needed to replace the switch are:

No. 12 torx

3 mm hex (allen wrench)

Small (jeweler’s) screwdriver

To replace the switch, first you must remove it.

Pull the knob out and hold.

Using a small screwdriver or pick, push in the

small brass lock to release the knob.

On the side of the dash, there are 2 Torx fasteners which need to be removed.

There is a third torx screw that must be removed.

I don’t have the corresponding photo, but this screw is located to the right of the light switch’s shaft.

It is recessed and therefore an allen wrench is best to remove it because the torx bit may not fit.

Once the three Torx screws have been removed,

the complete vent/light switch assembly can be

pulled out from the dash.

It will not come straight out, so some wiggling will be required.

Now, just simply disconnect the electricals from

the switch by pulling back.

To remove and replace the switch from the vent assembly, pull the inside bezel out about 1/4” and twist the switch clockwise 1/4 turn.

After rotating, pull out.

Now replace the new switch in reverse order ofdisassembly.

Happy Boxstering,


Replace Light Switch