When I impart a tech session I generally ask the audience how many of them have seen their own engine.

Usually about 50% have never seen it.

There is a myth about how difficult it is to access the engine compartment in a Boxster.  Well, I can tell you that the myth is BUSTED.  You can get to your engine in less than 120 seconds (that’s 2 minutes).

You don’t need any tools (except owners of the 987.2 who will need a #40 Torx).

It’s the same procedure for plastic or glass window cars.

First, pull the parking brake handle and make sure that the PARK light is on on the dash.

Now, with the ignition on, press the button to open the soft top.

Stop when the top is open about 18 inches.  This is what’s knows as SERVICE MODE

Get out of the car and unhook the soft top’s rear skirt from the two plastic hooks on the rear.  Just push the shirt down.   It holds with friction.

Pull the skirt over onto the window.

If you try to lift the back edge of the top you’ll notice that it’s prevented from raising by two cables, mounted on either side, next to the drains.

The bottom end of each cable is a spring-loaded socket that pops off the base.  Pull or pry it off.

For the plastic window cars, just help the plastic fold in with your hand.  This procedure should not be done in cold temperatures because of high risk of cracking the plastic.  You can warm it up with a hair dryer.

For glass window cars, fold the back end of the soft top onto the top of the window as shown.

On the rear edge of the soft top there is a webbed strap held in place with velcro.

Take the free end and stretch it forwards towards the driver’s window.

Hook the free end on the front left edge of the open top as shown.

You’ll have to stretch the strap a bit.

Depending on the model year the next visuals may be a bit different, but you’ll need to remove the storage compartment.  The compartment is held in place with quarter-turn plastic fasteners.  You can leave the fasteners in place.

If your car has rear speakers or sub-woofer instead of storage space, you’ll also need to disconnect the speaker wires.  The connector is on the roll bar, just behind the passenger’s seat.

Press the tabs on the connector and pull back.

Now you can remove the storage (speaker) compartment and set it aside.

The carpeting/insulation now comes out by also undoing the remaining two quarter-turn fasteners (rearmost).

Just pull out the carpet and set aside.

You will now see the engine compartment’s cover.  To remove this final piece, loosen the five quarter-turn fasteners on its edge. 

The fasteners once loosened, remain in place.  You may now remove the engine compartment’s cover and see your engine.

The engine will probably be filthy because as air circulates around it it also brings dirt and grime. 

It may be a good time for cleaning it.

Happy Bopxstering,


Access the Engine Bay