This is one of my favorite and probably the easiest hack for the 986.

It takes 30 seconds to do and doesn’t cost you a penny, yet it is very practical to have when you need it.

In subsequent model years, Porsche incorporated this feature in the 987.

People have asked me: "When would you NEED this feature?

I have been caught in a quick rainshower while on stop-and-go-traffic on the highway quite a few times (I live in Florida, where we have tow seasons: The Rainy Season and the Very Rainy Season.  It's a nice feature ho have!

You don’t need any special tools either.

Look just above the Fuse Box in

the Driver’s footwell.

You will se the Relay Box which

looks like the picture on the right.

Reach in and pull/wiggle out the

largest (double) relay.  This one:

Now look for pin No. 18 and with

your finger, bend it flat towards the center of the relay as shown.

Put the relay back in place in the

Relay Box.  Mind the orientation,

because it will only go in one way.

Now your top is operational while the car is in motion.

There are two important issues that you need to know and consider:

a)  DO NOT operate the top at speeds above 30 mph (lower in a strong headwind) because        damage to the top’s frame may occur.

b)  As a safety measure, so that you (and/or a passenger) does not accidentally operate the top      at an unwanted speed, you need to have the hand brake light on in the dash.  Generally one      or two clicks of the hand brake will trigger the light without activating the hand brake.

Happy Boxstering,


Top Operational

while in motion