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We have developed an easy and quick way to remove the 23 mph speed limit restrictor on the Tiger Mini-Trucks which use the Bosch Engine Management System or ECU: technoTiger

A quick “chip” replacement is all that’s required to remove the speed limiter / governor, allowing the truck to reach operating speeds of up to 55+ mph.  After installing the technoTiger Kit, the truck will also shift gears better as it will operate within the OEM designed power range.

All it takes is 15 minutes!  An easy DIY job!

We have many happy customers in the US and UK where these trucks have the 23 mph speed governors.

The technoTiger Kit comes very well packaged and protected.  

It is a complete kit and includes a custom-programmed computer chip plus a removal tool and DIY instructions.

In stock, ready to ship

Discounts for multiple-unit orders available

(*) for Bosch A11 and A13 ECU

Speed governor delete kit
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After the worldwide chip shortage, we're happy to announce that the TechnoTiger is back in stock!

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