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We've been writing monthly Articles for PCA Regional Newsletters for many years and decided to upload them here so they would all be accessible to more people.

They are in chronological order, as they have been published.

Many of them have been published in multiple Regional Newsletters and in PCA Club Racing News, among others.

Keep checking back as we upload a new article every month.

These Tech Articles are copyrighted and require specific written permission to be reprinted.  If you are a PCA Newsletter Editor interested in our articles, please contact us via e-mail before publishing.

Please contact Pedro for permission to reprint.

OEM Parts Article
Driving in the Rain Article
Trivia 64 Article
CAFE Standards Article
Repair Article
Make it your Own Article
Better Porsche Lights Article
Dry Ice Cleaning Article
High MPGs Articles
Brake Fluid Article
Spewing Foam Article
Airbag Article
Brake Bleeding Article
Brake Maintenance Article
1/4 inch article
Next Track Car Article
Worst Case Article
Not the Same Article
Align / Balance Articlr
CEL Article
Cracked Windshield Article
DME / ECU Article
Steel Braided Brake Lines Article
Torque / HP Article
A Long Time Ago Article
Stability Control Article
Speed Doesn't Kill Arfticle
Buying a Used Porsche Article
Porsche Thesaurus Article
Nitrogen or Air Article
Sebring Chronicles Part 3 Article
Kaboom Article
IMS Issue Part 1 Article
Tunes Article
PCA Club Racing Article
Drive your Porsche Article
Gear Oil Article
Good Vibrations Article
Festival of Lights Article
Porsche Leaked Information Article
Headers Article
Dirty Job Article
Porsche Cabriolets Article
Key Information Article
Join PCA Article
Batery Article
Not so Obvious Article
Porsche Criticized Success Article
Restoration Article
Safety Helmet Article
Engine Oil Article
Fix-A-Flat Article
Spark Plugs Article
Porsche Rumors Article
Vanishing Act Article
Antifreeze Article
Little Puddle Article
Gasoline Article
Rambling Wreck Article
Sebring Chronicles Part 1 Article
Storing Your Porsche Article
Drilled Rotors Article
Nano Technology Aricle
Porsche Short Stories
Synthetic Oil Article
Porsche Spyder Article
Shocks Article
Stoichiometric Point Article
IMS Part 2 Article
Track Season Article
N Rated Tires Article
High Speed Tires article
Reading Tires Article
Top 10 Don'ts Article
TPMS Article
Sebring Chronicles Part  2 Article
Forced Article
The World is Flat Article
Theyre All Air Cooled Article
Once Upon a Time Article
More Bang for your Buck Article
Gauges Article
Silent Porsche Article
Numerology Article
Tech Tactics Article
The Boxster Part 1 Article
The Boxster Part 2 Article
The Boxster Part 3 Article

Maintain Your Brakes

Engine Oil

Reading Our Tires

Tires at High Speed

Spyders in South Florida

The Safety Helmet

Octane Ratings

Torque vs HP

Storing Your Vehicle

The Battery

Align or Balance?

Check Engine Light

Speed doesn’t Kill ...

Sebring Chronicles, part 1 ...

Sebring Chronicles, part 2 ...

Sebring Chronicles, part 3

Brake Fluid Q/A




Nitrogen or Air?

Coolant / Antifreeze

Cracked Windshield!

Stoichiometric Point

Freeze Your Road Grime


Worst Case Scenarios

Good Vibrations

Spark Plugs

Higher MPGs

Go Drive in the Rain

A Brighter Future

CAFE Standards

Stability Control

This is Shocking!

Gear Oil & ATF

The Next Track Car?

The BAD the UGLY

and the GOOD part 1 ...

The BAD the UGLY

and the GOOD part 2

Ramblin’ Wreck

How About Some Tunes?

Short Stories

Top 10 Don’ts


Buying Used?

Vanishing Art

Heading Out!

For the Nth Time!

Make it your own

Not So Obvious

The 4 “R”s

They’re All Air-Cooled

Cheap Horses Article

They’re Not The Same

Cheap Horses!

Spreading Rumors


Key Info


Just 1/4 inch

Restore it!

Join the Club!

A lot of Hot Air

Real Oil?

Full of Holes!

Nano - Nano

Forced to force it!

Club Racing

Bleed or Flush?

Braid them!


Drive it!

Festival of Lights

‘Tis the Season

A Little Puddle

A long time ago ...

The World is Flat

Criticized Success!

Very Foamy

Better than OEM

A Dirty Job

Once Upon a Time

More Bang for Your Buck

Gauge It

The Silent Porsche


Tech Tactics

The Boxster, part 1...

The Boxster, part 2 ...

The Boxster, part 3

Right Seat Coach Article

Right Seat Coach

Enigma Article


Underwater Article


Turboil Article
Pet6er Schutz Article


The Man of Le Mans

Porsche Quotes Article

Quotable Quotes


Porsche Jumped the Shark Article

Helmets Revised


Rip-Offs Article
Great Porsche Ads Article

Great Ads


Famous American Driver Article
Fuel Injection Article

Fuel Injection

Famous American Driver

FuelmPump Article
The CLU Article


Fuel Pump

Fresh Green Shirts Article
Best Porsche Movies article

Best Movies

Fresh Green Shirts

Porsche Parts Article
The Times Article

The Times ...

Porsche Parts

Wheels Article



Death and Taxes Article
Gold Coast Region PCA
Goodbye Hello Article

Goodbye / Hello

Death & Taxes

Trivia 70 Article
Warped Article

Trivia - 70


Sebring Hates My Car

Sebring hates my car Article
Porsche Synthetic Fuel Article

Synthetic Fuel

Fast, to the Future!

Porsche VIN

Fast, to the Future Article
Porsche VIN Article
DMV Article
Trends Article


Trends make the Future

Never Tracked Articl
The 959 Part 1 Article

The 959 part 1 ...

It's never been Tracked

The 959 Part 2 Article
Belted Article


The 959 part 2

Ceramic Brakes Article
Two Guys Article


Two Guys

Jan Haylen

Are they Better?

Are they Better? Article

What's in a Name?

What's in a Name Article

Let's Take Brake


Altrernative Article


New PCA Member Article

New PCA Member

Clunk Article


Boardwalk Reunion Article

Road trip to BWR-III

80% by 2030

80% by 2023 Article
2023 Presidential Race Article

Presidential Race

Rennsport Reunion 7

Rennsport Reunion Article

The Fire Suit

The Fire Suit Article
300,000 Miles Article


Weird Noises Article

Weird Noises

Scott Dixon

Chase Buscaglia

That's it!