The Becker Radio Buttons on many of their radios start to become sticky after some time.  This is due to the deterioration of the rubber material.  We have heard from different sources that sunscreen lotion attacks this material and helps it to degrade.

If you want to solve this problem, you have three choices (in order of cost):

A.- Replace your radio with an aftermarket unit (a bit radical and costly - $300 - $1000)

B.- Send Becker $30.00 plus S&H for two new knobs (and wait a week or so)

C.- Do It Yourself for under $6.00 and in less than 30 minutes!  (this would be the logical choice).

Stuff you’ll need:

Mineral Spirits, Naphta or other mild petroleum solvent-cleaner

Small wooden dowell or skewer (you can substitute even with pick-up-stix) about 1/8” in diameter

A pair of pliers

Vise or vise grips

A can of PLASTI DIP (found at any Home Improvement Center - Paint Dept).

Start by removing the knobs.  They’re very easy to pull or pry off.

(no need to remove the radio)

Using some petroleum-based solvent such as Naphta

or Mineral Spirits and a rag, wipe the knob as best as

you can. 

The idea here is to remove some of the sticky

feel to the knob. 

It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth

but make sure it’s clean.

Now, take the small wooden dowel or skewer or

substitute and break it in two pieces.

Using the pliers, crimp the tip of each of the skewers/dowels so that they fit into the back of the radio buttons.

Now, open your can of PLASTI DIP and stir according to the recommendations.

Take one of the "lollipops" and dunk into the PLASTI DIP material slowly.

Don't sbmenrge completely.  Just to the edge of the backside.

Let it sit immersed for a couple of seconds and pull out slowly.

Let it drip for a few seconds until you see the first drop just cling.

At that point turn the lollipop upside down and place on a vise grip, vertically, to dry.

Let them dry overnight.

Then , reinstall and enjoy!

I also found some other cool applications for PLASTI DIP.  Take your  wheel bolt wrench and tape off the socket.

Now dip into the PLASTI DIP.

After it dried for a few minutes, repeat a few times to give the coating some body (thickness).

Now you'll have a wrench that won't scratch your wheels!

Happy Boxstering,



Sticky Radio Buttons