1997-2001 (inclusive) 986 Boxsters require that the Fuel Filter be replaced every 60,000 miles.

In model year 2002 Porsche modified the fuel system in the Boxster and 2002 and newer have a lifetime-filters located inside the gas tank and do not need replacing.

For the older Boxsters replacing the Fuel filter is a very simple operation which requires working under the vehicle.

Tools and materials needed:

Fuel Filter, part # 996 110 253 01

Ratchet with 10 and 12 mm sockets


Bucket or Oil Collecting Pan

Lift or hydraulic/mechanical jack

and jack stands, or ramps.

Loosen or remove the fuel filler cap.

Raise the car in a safe manner

using a lift, ramps or jack stands.

We’ve used a lift here for ease of work

and image capturing.

You’ll need to remove the underside

protecting panels.

These are held in place with simple clips

that snap out and 10 mm plastic nuts.

With the main panel removed you

can see the fuel filter nestled above

the two main coolant tubes.

Disconnect the ground wire

to the filter.

Undo the filter retaining strap

Undo the coolant line retaining strap so that the lines can be moved apart for filter replacement.

Unclip the fuel lines. Press the quick-release coupling on both sides and pull away from the filter.

Have an oil collection pan handy

to collect the gasoline which will

flow out of the lines and filter.

Once the fuel filter and lines have drained you can remove the filter. Remove the filter towards the rear of the car. When replacing the filter note the direction of fuel flow indicated by an arrow.

Install the new filter.

Reconnect the ground


Replace the rest of the

parts in the reverse order

of removal.

After the car is lowered replace the fuel filler cap, otherwise the CEL will come on.

It will take a few seconds and/or a few tries of the ignition for the engine to start because the fuel lines and the new filter must fill up with gasoline.

Happy Boxstering,


Replace Fuel Filter