The tools needed are:

• set of small sockets (1/4") with extensions (8 mm to 13 mm)

• flat and Phillips screwdrivers

• Torx set (standard Torx, but security Torx works as well).

• retrieval magnet w/telescopic extension for dropped hardware (suggested).

• flexible light source to work in the engine bay (suggested).

For cleaning materials I use Electric Parts Cleaner (purchased at any auto parts store) and plenty of paper towels.

Some people use carburetor cleaner as well.

Note: The photos and instructions shown bellow are for early 986s with non e-gas Throttle Bodies, but will be very similar to the e-gas models manufactured in later years.

• On the early Boxsters (non e-gas), you need to undo the accelerator cable from the cam on the Throttle Body.  The newer models with e-gas don’t have an actual accelerator cable but a servo instead which reads the accelerator pedal’s position and accordingly moves the butterfly flap on the Throttle Body.


2.-Throttle Body

3.-J Tube

4.-Air/Oil Separator

5.-Air Inlet Tube


7.-Rubber Sleeve

8.-Intake Plenum

• Move the cam (#1) with your fingers clockwise until there is slack and   remove the cable from its anchor.

• Remove the "J" tube (#3) that connects the Air/Oil Separator (#4) and the Throttle Body (#2). This one can be stubborn. Pinch the clamp on the end of the tube on its corrugated part and pull out as you twist.

• Start on the A/O Separator (#4) side then move to the Throttle Body (#2)side.

• Remove the Air Inlet Tube (#5) that comes from the airbox by loosening the hose clamp each end and and unbolting the support bracket which secures it to the top of the engine.

• Now you can start to remove the throttle body which is secured by 4 bolts on it's base and 2 hose clamps.  The two uppermost bolts are easy to access.

The bottom ones require a little patience especially the one on the right side which is not visible unless you use a mirror.  A short extension on a ratchet is handy.

• Once it's out, make sure you clean all the passage tubes. You can use alcohol or electric parts cleaner.  Some people use carb cleaner, but I personally think it’s too harsh.

Here is a before and after shot of the Throttle Body

• Now you need to clean the Idle Control Valve.  Use the same Electric Parts Cleaner and squirt it in the passage tubes and openings, close them with your fingers and shake.  Repeat as long as carbon deposits are coming out.  It is recommended that the gasket be replaced.

• Insert a rag (cloth, not paper) into each side of the intake plenums to clean out oil residue.  Make sure you reach in all the way down.

• Carefully clean out all the other components you have removed, before reassembling them.

Put everything back in reverse order.  Check for any air leaks in particular at the rubber sleeves (underside).


Cleaning the Throttle Body

Happy Boxstering,