Published in the September 2010 issue of “Die Porsche Kassette”

We are blessed here in Florida that we don’t have to store our cars for winter and we get to drive them all year.

But, for many of our members, Florida is their second home.  That means that they probably have to store their Porsche for an extended period of time either here or at their primary place of residency.

So, here is the procedure for storing:

1- Find a suitable storage facility.  A garage is fine but you need to make sure that it will be dry, free from pests (mice) and preferably humidity-controlled, clean and secure.

2- Thoroughly wash the exterior and finish with a nice coat of wax.  Do this the day before storage so that the car has a chance to dry completely.

3- Clean the interior by vacuuming carpets and seats and clean & treat the leather.  Clean all glass inside and out.

4- Really clean the wheels.  Brake dust is corrosive. 

The best way is to remove each one and clean the

inside as well.  Use a product such as P21-S. 

Waxing the wheels afterwards is a great idea.

5- Condition all the rubber including tires and all rubber gaskets. 

Use a good conditioner such as Gummi Phledge. 

Stay away from silicone-based “protectants”.

6- Flush the brake/clutch fluid.  This fluid is very hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs water and must be replaced every 2 years or sooner.

7-Change the Oil and Oil Filter.  Old oil can have corrosive characteristics (acid). Top off all other fluids as well (coolant/antifreeze, windshield washer, power steering fluid, etc.).

8-Fill the tank half way with gasoline.  Add a good fuel stabilizer, such as StaBil

and finish filling completely.  By driving the car from the gas station to your storage

facility the new stabilized gas will run through the system especially the injectors.

9-Fully extract and lubricate the radio antenna mast (if present) then retract.

10-Close all openings such windows, doors and A/C vents.  You may want to put some cedar chips or moth balls in the cabin and around the outside to repel mice and other vermin.  If storing in non-humidity controlled conditions, place a couple of desiccant bags in the cabin. Put plastic bags secured with rubber bands over the exhaust tips when they have cooled off.

11-Over inflate the tires to 45-50 psi and leave the car on the ground.  Don’t raise the car off the ground on stands.  The suspension components are meant to bear the weight of the car, not hang from it.

12-Leave the car in gear (or in Park for an automatic). Do not set the parking brake.

13-For convertible tops leave them relaxed, by opening the main latch.  This won’t keep the fabric stretched over an extended time.  Same for Targa tops.

14-Prop up the windshield wipers off the glass with a small block of wood or similar.

15-Make sure you have any radio or alarm codes noted, then disconnect and remove the battery.  On newer Porsches that have electrically operated trunks, make sure that the trunk cannot be closed completely by using a block of wood or similar to keep it propped open.

16- The removed battery should be connected with a smart charger

such as the TechnoCharger from CTEK.  Also top off battery fluid with

distilled water.  It should be kept in a cool, dry place and not on a cement


17- Protect the vehicle with a good quality car cover.

18-Give her a goodbye kiss.

I’m of the school that thinks that not starting the car during storage

is best.  I say this because most engine wear happens during the first few seconds after startup, while the oil builds up pressure and starts lubricating the engine internals.

When you’re ready to take her out again, there’s very little that needs to be done, because most was done before:

1-Remove the cover

2-Remove the plastic bags over the exhaust tips

3-Remove desiccant bags and vermin repellant from cabin

4-Remove windshield wiper props

5-Secure the convertible or Targa top

6-Replace and connect the battery

7-Drop tire pressures to recommended psi

8-Start the engine and let it warm up a bit

9-Go for a drive!

If you’re really concerned about that initial startup wear, the following is the procedure that the Porsche Museum uses for their cars on display:

1-Remove the spark plugs

2-Spray WD-40 into each cylinder through the spark plug hole

3-Spray WD-40 into the air intakes

4-Turn over the engine by hand a couple of turns with a wrench on the main pulley

5-Every 3 months repeat above (leave spark plugs out of the engine)

6-Every 3 months move the car a bit to change the position of the wheel bearings

7-On a manual, shift into gear when doing above (No. 6) to move the transmission internals

8-Drive the car every 6 months

Happy Porsche’ing,

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