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Scott's journey in motorsports began at a young age when he started karting in New Zealand. His natural talent behind the wheel immediately became apparent, and by the mid 1990s, he had transitioned to racing cars. In 1999, Scott moved to the United States to pursue his racing career, marking the beginning of a series of triumphs.

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Scott Ronald Dixon was born on July 22, 1980, in Brisbane, Australia. Today he is a renowned professional race car driver who is forging an indelible mark on the world of motorsports. Even though he was born in Australia, he holds New Zealand citizenship, since his parents, both racers as well, had emigrated from New Zealand to Australia.

One of the defining moments in Scott's career came in 2003 when he joined Chip Ganassi Racing in the IndyCar Series. In his debut season with the team, he secured three victories and clinched the championship, making him the youngest champion in IndyCar history at the age of 23. This victory laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable and enduring partnership between Scott Dixon and Chip Ganassi Racing.

Scott's success continued to mount, and he quickly became a dominant force in IndyCar racing. His adaptability to different tracks and racing conditions showcased his versatility as a driver. Whether navigating the tight turns of a street circuit or reaching blistering speeds on an oval track, Scott consistently demonstrated exceptional skill and precision.

Over the years, Scott has amassed numerous accolades, including six IndyCar Series championships, plus he won the 2008 Indianapolis 500. Scott also has three victories at the 24 Hours of Daytona.  His ability to stay competitive in an ever-evolving sport speaks to his dedication, work ethic, and innate racing instincts. Dixon's consistency and strategic approach to races have earned him the nickname "The Iceman" among fans and fellow competitors.

Beyond his accomplishments on the track, Scott is known for his sportsmanship and leadership within the racing community.  His humble demeanor and commitment to the sport have endeared him to fans worldwide.  Scott's influence extends beyond the racetrack as he actively participates in charitable endeavors, further solidifying his role as a respected figure both in and out of the racing world.  In particular, Kart 4 Kids with which he has been involved with since it's inception.  K4K was started as an initiative to honor the memory of Dan Wheldon, Scott's teammate at Target Chip Ganassi Racing for several years.  Here, we have seen Scott lead by example during our yearly K4K event.  He's very personal with all of the participants, an enthusiastic kart racer and at the time of the auctions, he generally leads the group of Pro drivers help us raise record funds to meet and exceed our Charity's donation goals.

Off the track, Scott's personal life adds depth to his narrative. Balancing the demands of a racing career with family life, he exemplifies determination and discipline. His wife, Emma, and their children provide a support system that fuels his drive for success both professionally and personally.

As Scott continues to compete at the highest level of IndyCar racing, his impact on the sport's history is undeniable. His records, championships, and contributions to the racing community position him as a role model for aspiring drivers and a celebrated figure among motorsports enthusiasts.

Chip Ganassi said it best:

“Scott is the total package on and off the track.  He's a racer, he's a husband, he's a father, he's a friend, all of those things.  We're lucky to have a guy like that on our team and in our sport”.

And we are lucky to have him on our Kart 4 Kids Team.

Thank you, Scott!

Scott Dixon

The 2020 IndyCar season presented unique challenges due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, but Scott navigated the uncertainties with resilience.  In a season where adaptability was crucial, he showcased his exceptional skills by securing his sixth IndyCar Series championship, further cementing his legacy as one of the sport's all-time greats.

With a career spanning decades, Scott Dixon's impressive achiebvements and remarkable skills on the racetrack have solidified his status as one of the greatest drivers in the history of IndyCar racing.