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I was asked by a few people who had read some of my short stories to do a compilation of some of them, so I’ve picked 4 of my favorite ones to share here with you instead of a Tech Article.  I hope you don’t mind.  They are all true stories.  I may have changed a name or two to protect the innocent ;)

A steamy X-RATED love story

Posted on on 7/20/98.

I was running late for our first date. Our meeting had been set up for 8:00 and it was already 8:15. I was very anxious and wasn't quite sure what to expect; for you see, this was a blind date!

I had fooled around with one of her cousins before, and she was beautiful, and I was assured that this date would not disappoint me either.

Well, I finally arrived at 8:22, immediately ran into our predetermined establishment and there she was!

I recognized her immediately, I mean, It HAD to be her! 

Does she look a bit upset, or is it my imagination?  I thought to myself, but as I came closer, she seemed friendlier and flirtatious. She had a certain sparkle, her body was perfect, she was incredibly voluptuous but perfectly so, and every curve in her body flowed into the next, her glacier-white skin, just too tempting.

I could tell that the chemistry was there! She let me touch her, and I softly stroked her skin, while I told her that I was madly in love with her. It truly was love at first sight. I had never done this on a first date!, but she allowed me everything without complaints, quite the contrary, I thought she seemed pleased.

This was too good to be true! I wanted to know her better, to know when and where she'd been born. She was incredibly young, actually too young and I knew that I could get in trouble with the law because of her, but at that moment I didn't care!

One thing let to another and we started our foreplay. I spoke softly to her, I was almost whispering and shaking like a leaf when she let me take her top off...... what a sight!  My heart rate increased into triple digits. I took a few steps back to see her in all her beauty. I watched for a few seconds and then slowly walked back to her and we became one, as I ever so gently inserted my ....... key into her ignition, and heard her softly purr her approval, I shifted her into gear and we drove away from the dealer....... and we've lived happily ever after.

Excepts from my diary on 2/21/98 as I took delivery of my beautiful 1998 Glacier White/Graphite Gray/Black Boxster at Plaza Motors in Creve Coeur, MO.

Hope you all had as good a first date as I did ;)

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Published in the book “Porsche Family Tree” ©  2010.

After having owned several Porsches, I fell in love with the Boxster Concept, which was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in1993.

In February, 1997 I ordered one sight unseen. There weren’t many on the streets yet.

In almost 12 years of ownership (as I re-write this article, it’s 15 years!), I have truly enjoyed the Boxstering Experience.

Driving, tracking, modifying and working under my Boxster has been very rewarding. 

She’s my daily driver, weekly Auto Crosser, monthly DE’er and yearly BRBS’er.

A couple of months ago, on my way to Boxstoberfest in Fredericksburg, Texas, while filling up with gas, a gentleman in the next pump over asked me: “So, how do you like your new Porsche?

I thought he was joking, so I just smiled.

He insisted again: “How do you like it?

I then answered, “I’m not sure yet, because I haven’t finished the break-in period”.

Then he asked: “How many miles have you put on her?”

And I answered: “Just 190,000”.

We both laughed out loud.

Happy Boxstering,

Ⓒ2009 Technolab /

It’s in the right place!

True story.

Last year, on a hot summer day, in-between track sessions, I opened

my front trunk to check if I’d left my spare tire’s support bracket inside. 

I thought I’d heard a rattle up front,  on my last session and wanted to check it out.

Sharing the same garage with me was a gentleman driving a BMW 1 Series.  He had some family members with him, including his little son, who I guessed must have between 7 or 8 years old and who had been watching me and my car for a while.

When he saw that my trunk was an empty, void space he ran over to his dad to show him.

His dad put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and guided him over to my car, where he told him loud enough for me to hear: “Yes Billy, there’s no engine here like in our car because this is a “Porsch”, and “Porschs” have the engine in the wrong place.  They have it in the back”.  He really emphasized the word “wrong” and made it sound even somewhat despicable.  It kind of amused and irritated me and also because of the way he said “Porsch”.

I politely smiled and guided them to the rear of my car in order to show them, while I popped the rear deck lid with my keyless remote.

As they both positioned themselves to see the “wrongly-placed” engine I opened the rear deck lid and they both seemed truly bewildered not to see an engine in there either.  Instead of an engine all they saw was another empty trunk.  They both looked at me with truly puzzled faces.

I then, looking at the father, said.  “You see Billy, this is a Por- sha Boxster which actually has the engine in the correct place ... in the middle”.

The dad lowered his eyes and looked apologetic.  He had learned his lesson, but more importantly Billy had learned the correct placement of a car’s engine and the correct way to pronounce the name our beloved marque.  Maybe he’ll even own, drive and enjoy one when he grows up ;)

Happy Porsche’ing,

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It ain’t cheatin’ if you don’t get caught?

True story.

Last November I received a call from a guy who wanted to ask a couple of technical questions regarding one of my products which adds 23 HP to the 2.5 liter Boxster engine.

I asked: “How can I help you?"

He said: “I’d like to know if I install your TechnoPower Kit in my Boxster, can people tell that it’s in just by looking at it?

I then explained that, no; the modifications in my kit were internal and they consisted of boring out the throttle body which gave the car more ability to breathe, that I also modified the intake tee adding a very efficient air splitter and that finally we updated and remapped the ECU with software so that the car could take advantage of the extra air and thus make more power. 

I reiterated that all those changes could not be seen by the naked eye.

I then asked him on what model year he was installing the kit in?

He said: “In my ’99 Spec Boxster”.

I immediately told him that if he was racing under Boxster Spec Rules it would be illegal.  He said: “I know!, I know!, I know!”.

He sounded very upset with my remark, so I quickly changed the subject and asked him when was his next race, to which he responded: “At the end of January”.

I thought to myself: The only Boxster Spec Race at the end of January is the 48 Hours of Sebring.

So, I asked: “Where?” and he said: “Sebring”.

I  then said: “Good, I’ll see you there”.

He asked: “Are you also racing?

I answered: “No, I’m working”.

Then he said: “Cool, what do you do there?

I hesitated for a second and then responded: “I’m the chief of Tech!

Immediately there was silence on the other end, I heard a distinctive “click” and the line went dead.

Dang!, I just lost another sale :(

Happy Porsche’ing,

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