Published in the December 2014 issue of “Die Porsche Kassette”

Porsche is not the company we knew a few years ago.

It started as a true sports car company in 1948 and it remained so for over 65 years until 2013 when it sold more non-sport cars than it did sport cars.

In (fiscal year) 2013 Porsche sold 58,782 sport cars.  Of that total, 29,751 were Carreras (17.9%), 28,996 were Boxsters/Caymans (17.5%) and 35 were 918 Spyders (>1%).

During the same period they also sold 24,798 Panameras (15%), 81,916 Cayennes (49.4%), and 312 (just introduced) Macans (>1%).

It is thought that the Macan will be Porsche’s best-seller so the non-sport car numbers will dominate sales even more.

But, there’s a little ray of light for those who truly love pure sport cars from our favorite brand, Porsche.

On October 27, 2014 either as a typo or as a PorscheLeak there was an “official” confirmation of the existence of what was until then just a rumor: The Cayman GT4!

With the opening of the new Porsche Driving Experience Centers in Atlanta and Los Angeles, in their still-under-development, official website:, albeit for a brief time, Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) included the Cayman GT4 in the mix of available options.

As soon as the enthusiast community and the automotive press started contacting PCNA the website was stripped of the GT4 option.

The belief is hat the GT4 Cayman will have a flat-6, 3.8 liter, turbocharged motor producing 450 HP, most likely supplied exclusively with a 7 speed PDK transmission, a roll cage and starting at $125,000.00.

Because it is a track-oriented vehicle, it will have weight-reducing components, increased air flow, larger brakes and an impressive rear wing for added downforce in addition to the new fixed ducktail spoiler when compared to the Cayman R.

A few Cayman “mules” have been spotted around the Nürburgring circuit in Germany and in random European cities, so it isn’t as if this is the first time we hear of this, but many, many concept cars and special projects never make it to production.

The GT4 may be one of the ones which does!

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