Porsche Club of America (PCA) and most auto clubs accept the last two Snell certifications for Sports Application (SA) helmets.

So, as of today, you may participate in a PCA Driver Education or Club Race event if your helmet has a Snell SA2000 or SA2005 sticker.  By the end of the year, your helmet must have SA2005 or SA2010 and the SA2000 will no longer be accepted at DE events.

For Autocross the standards are a bit more relaxed and older Snell certifications are accepted, such as SA2000 and SA1995.

If you have an SA2000 or older Snell-certified helmet you will not be able to use it PCA DE or Club Race events, but we welcome your donating it to the Gold Coast Region PCA for the AX Helmet Loaner Program.

Many newcomers to the sport come to their first AX events without any helmet protection and the Club provides loaners for them so they can participate and get themselves into motorsports.  Because AX is run at much slower speeds, older Snell-certifications are still valid and accepted at AX events.  But we can only accept SA–certified helmets, not M or K.

If you would like to donate your old SA-certified helmet, please contact our AX Chair, Alex Ortega, Jr.

For more information on safety helmets, please visit our website: www.PedrosGarage.com.

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