Published in the March 2013 issue of “Die Porsche Kassette”

Ten years ago I wrote a business plan to build track/race cars from the first generation Porsche Boxster (986).  I really believed that it would happen because this platform was the ideal and logical one for many reasons.

Porsche made nearly half a million (500,000) Boxsters, which means that they will not be classics and therefore their prices are very affordable.

You can purchase a 1997-1999 Porsche Boxster for as little as $5,000 in good running condition.

Because there are so many of them, used parts are very easy to purchase and are priced reasonably.  This includes engines, transmissions, brake components, wheels, hard tops, body panels, etc., etc.

These first gen Boxsters all came with the 2.5 liter flat six engine producing 201 HP.

This engine was designed to carry the nearly 3,000 lbs. of weight of the OEM Boxster.

But when you reduce over 600 lbs. by eliminating the carpets, the seats, the lining, some of the wiring, gutting the doors, removing the A/C and Power Steering systems, etc., etc.  then the power-to-weight ratio all of the sudden becomes very attractive. 

Some weight needs to be added back with a safety roll cage, racing seat(s),  safety harness(es), fire extinguisher, etc., but the car can be brought to under 2,500 lbs. without too much problem.

You can build a very basic car, or you can really option one out.

Some of these cars are built to run in the popular and fast-growing BSR (Boxster Spec Racing) Series and therefore must meet the very stringent spec requirements. 

These racing specs allow for some changes in the suspension and exhaust and also allow for some engine protective gear such as extended oil pans, IMS bearings, Accusumps, external oil and transmission coolers and an extra water radiator, as you can see from these images.

Obviously, those that are just track cars or DE cars don’t have to conform to the strict BSR rules.

Many enthusiasts have built their own BSRs in their own garages, but there are some independent shops and race shops throughout the country that are now offering to build for you or even sell you an off-the-shelf Boxster Spec Racer.

I’ve just returned from the 20th Anniversary 48 Hours at Sebring PCA Club Race which, by the way, is the largest Porsche Club Race in the world, and I was extremely happy to see how many of these wonderful cars had been converted to full-blown race cars or to dedicated track cars.

The workmanship on some is fantastic and they are truly works of art.

As one of the two Tech-Inspection Co-Chairs of the event, I had the opportunity to see them up close and personal and to talk with their owners and builders.

Everyone agrees that these BSRs are VERY fun to drive on the track. Because of their mid engine layout they have great stability, they are extremely quick through the corners and their brakes are legendary.

The BSR is now accepted as a class by many racing clubs and groups throughout the US, such as: PCA, POC, PBOC, SCCA, and NASA among others.