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Recently, while doing research for another article, I came across a couple of interesting quotes regarding Porsche and thought it might be fun to compile a few more and share them here.

Some are from people who’s last name is Porsche, mostly are from people who admire Porsches, others not so much.


Ferdinand Porsche:

Founder Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche GmbH  (1931)


I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.

If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself at times.

Change is easy. Improvement is far more difficult.

Porsche ... there is no substitute.

Luft natürlich, weil es weder kocht oder friert.   (Air, of course, because it doesn’t boil or freeze) – when asked what was best to cool a car engine.

Ferdinand (Ferry) Anton Ernst Porsche:

Son of Ferdinand.  Porsche GmbH CEO (1948 - 1989


If you can create something time cannot erode, something which ignores the eccentricities of particular eras or moments, something truly timeless … this is the “ultimate victory”.

Now, to put a water-cooled engine in the rear and to have a radiator in the front, that's not very intelligent.

(PANORAMA, Oct. '73)

Ferdinand (Butzi) Alexander Porsche:

Son of Ferry.  Designer of the Porsche 911 & 904.  Porsche Design CEO


A Porsche will always look like a Porsche.

Good design only exists in concert with engineering.

Designers need to be part engineer.

Ferdinand Piëch:

Grandson of Ferdinand.  Porsche Engineer.  Volkswagen AG CEO (Austrian)

The lighter you make the car, the less weight there is to brake for a corner, to take around the corner, and to accelerate from the corner.

Jerry Seinfeld:

Comedian - Porsche collector (American)

I have this old '57 Porsche Speedster, and the way the door closes, I'll just sit there and listen to the sound of the latch going, 'cluh-CLICK-click.'

That door! I live for that door.

Robert Redford:

Actor - Director. Environmentalist. (American)

I've always liked speed.

I own a car that I shouldn't be talking about because I'm an environmentalist, but the 1955 Porsche Spyder 550 RS is the finest sports car ever made.

Carroll Shelby:

Racer - Car builder (American)

Porsche and BMW drivers are arrogant.

Thank God there's no 48-hour race anywhere in the world, because chances are nobody could beat Porsche in a 48 hour race. They're probably the only cars in the world that would stand up for something like that.

Kevin O’Leary:

Entrepreneur.  TV Personality. (Canadian / Irish)

There are a lot of impractical things about owning a Porsche.  But they’re all offset by the driving experience. 

It really is unique.  Lamborghinis and Ferraris come close.  And they are more powerful, but they don’t handle like a Porsche.

Mark Donohue:

Racer (American)

"Remove the reverse gear please."

"But what if you spin and are facing the guardrail"?

"Porsche doesn't pay me to drive in reverse..."

(speaking to a race engineer during testing for the Can Am 917-30)

Peter Schutz:

Porsche AG CEO (1982 - 1987)


While the car could be temperamental at times, at least it had character. That’s what people loved most about it.

(referring to the 911 of the 80s)

Helmuth Bott:

Porsche AG Chief Engineer (German)

Hardly any other vehicle concept has proven itself so thoroughly in so many different combinations over the years [as the 911].

Hans Mezger:

Porsche’s most distinguished engine designer (German)

When I graduated from Stuttgart University in 1956 I was offered many employment opportunities, including the large automobile manufacturers. 

Despite all these attractive options it was Porsche - a little company then - that caught my imagination.  The appeal was their 356 sports car which for me was a most beautiful and interesting automobile.

Alois Ruf:

Car builder (German)

With a Porsche you get more performance with less of everything.

Bobby Allison: Racer (American)

911s are expensive "imported” Corvairs.

Elon Musk:

Car builder (Canadian / American)

Yeah, well I think that anyone who likes fast cars will love the Tesla.  And it has fantastic handling by the way.  I mean this car will crush a Porsche on the track, just crush it.  So if you like fast cars, you’ll love this car.  And then oh, by the way, it happens to be electric and it’s got twice the efficiency of a Prius.

Mark Webber:

Racer (Australian)

I own a bunch of classics, including a blue 1954 356 Cabriolet. It’s so dinky and intimate, you sit so close to your passenger and there’s no power steering. Sixty miles-per-hour feels like 120. At the other end of the scale I have a 918 Spyder, which is the most advanced Porsche ever built and an absolute beast to drive. So I have bookended the Porsche range quite nicely I think.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.:

Racer (American)

Once I let someone talk me into driving a slow as hell Corvette in a GP race and I spent all day getting passed by Porsches in this slow ass Vette. I was sitting in this thing thinking can I get a Porsche please. I mean I am a competitor and it just really stung getting passed lap after lap. I could not wait to get out of that damn car. I sure knew what the backside of a Porsche looked like after that day. About a week later I bought a 911 Turbo.

Derek Bell:

Racer (British)

Back then (1980s) the philosophy was that it’s an honour to drive for Porsche, the money is irrelevant. The head of engineering (Helmuth Bott) made it clear to me that I shouldn’t earn more money than he did.  A different world indeed.

Patrick Dempsey:

Racer and Actor - Car collector (American)

It was a 1963 356. It was on the street in Santa Monica with a 'For Sale' sign. I'd just finished a movie called "Can't Buy Me Love," and I spent my entire paycheck on that car.

Hans-Joachim Stuck:

Racer (German)

When I raced a Porsche last it was at a time when sex was safe and racing was dangerous.  Now it’s the other way around.

I would never have guessed that my first Formula 1 win, which happened in a Porsche, at Rouen, France in 1962 would also be Porsche’s first and last.

Dan Gurney:

Racer  - Car builder (American)

Jacky Ickx:

Racer (Belgian)

Our 1977 Le Mans was a special win because, in my opinion, it was  the most beautiful one. Everyone in the Porsche Team attained an impossible thing.  It was truly amazing!

Steve McQueen:

Racer Actor / Actor Racer (American)

Playing the role of Michael Delaney in “Le Mans”