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The Boxster/Cayman platform has a tendency to overwork and overheat the Power Steering Pump to the point that some lines have been known to melt.

Cars that are Autocrossed (AX) or Tracked (DE) suffer the most from this malady.

One of the simplest and most effective solutions is to install a smaller crankshaft pulley known as an under-drive pulley, because it under-drives the secondary systems (A/C, Alternator and Power Steering).

There are no negative issues with cooling, charging or steering, but there’s an upside: the engine will get back about 5-7 HP!

Fits all Boxsters ('97-'08) and Caymans ('06-'08) as well as 996 and 997 Carreras ('99-'08)

Please Specify with or without A/C

technoPulley Kit includes new anodized aluminum 4" Pulley, new main bolt, thread locker and new correctly-sized Poly Ribbed belt


technoPulley Kit includes the  newly redesigned pulley which is lighter and stronger.