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Published in the April 2017 issue of “Die Porsche Kassette”

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Tech Tactics...                                                                 by Pedro P. Bonilla (GCR PCA)


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It’s such a cool name, but the event is even cooler!

What is it?

Tech Tactics is a two-day gathering organized by PCA (Porsche Club of America) and PCNA (Porsche Cars North America) which offers technical information about our favorite subject: Porsches. 

It is held early in the year on the East side of the Country and therefore called Tech Tactics East and later in the year, the Tech Tactics West version is offered.

Because they are hosted by PCNA, they are held at Porsche’s Training Facilities in Easton, PA and Ontario, CA respectively.

PCA and PCNA are also working together to try and include the Porsche North American Headquarters in Atlanta, GA as another one of the Tech Tactics venues so that more Porsche enthusiasts can have access to the program.

At each of these Training Centers there are several very well equipped classrooms with digital projectors and audio systems as well as car lifts, engine mounts, work tables and everything needed to study any Porsche in-depth.

The technical information offered in these events is for all levels; from the enthusiast to the professional mechanic.

Tech Tactics is held on a Saturday and Sunday although both days are basically the same program.  It is done this way in order to limit attendance to a manageable number each day (125 people/day) allowing for Q&A time during or after each presentation. 

As the pre-registered attendees arrive they sign in, receive their badges and then are invited to enjoy pastries and coffee before the program starts.

At 8:45 AM Tech Tactics kicks off with the introduction, generally handled by PCA’s Technical Committee Chair: John Hoffman. John also coordinates all aspects of the event and schedules it down to the minute, books the speakers and makes sure that everything runs like clockwork.

These Training Facilities are state-of-the-art venues which offer the perfect environment for teaching and learning all things technical about these cars. 

These training Centers are where Porsche dealers throughout the US and Canada send their techs for continuing education and also serve as warehouse and distribution centers for Porsche parts. 

The facilities also function as Porsche parts distribution centers with incredibly large and well-stocked inventories.

But, as I said, I was in great company.  Well-known industry names such as Tony Callas, Jim Newton, Nathan Merz, Terry Anderson, David Becker, Dom Milano, John Paterek and Rolf Kittlitz also presented to the groups.

Tony’s (PCA Tech Committee / Callas Rennsport) presentation was: “Inside Porsche”.  He highlighted details of a recent visit to the Porsche Factory, Museum and Porsche Classic venues.  Great presentation especially because of his knowledge and the way he delivers that knowledge.

I just came back from the 2017 Tech Tactics East where I was invited to be one of the speakers in my new role of PCA Technical Committee Expert on Boxster/Cayman..  It was an honor and a pleasure to make a presentation to such knowledgeable groups.  My particular sessions were on “Braking Basics”.

Jim Newton’s (PCA Member) personality, whit and humor made for a super-interesting presentation on “barn-finds” and other incredible Porsche restoration projects.

David Becker (PCNA) gave an in-depth presentation on the 718 Cayman’ technical stats, using as a prop a 2017 Cayman S on one of the lifts.  Then he introduced David Becker who actually worked on the development of the 718’s chassis and explained how it all comes together as one great car.

The Connected Car by Terry Anderson (PCNA) gave us a futuristic look at what’s possible in the automotive industry.  Very interesting.

Dom Milano (PCA Member) spoke about autosport photography and how to get your photos published and John Paterek (PCA Tech Committee) with “Made in West Germany, remade in Chatham, NJ” gave an interesting look at Porsche restorations.

Finally, Rolf Kittliz (PCNA) gave the attendees a full run-down on the beautiful, new 2017 Panamera Turbo.  Just one tiny tidbit: The 2017 Panamera Turbo: 7 minutes 38 seconds around the Nürburgring’s Nordshleife!  A new world record for a 4-door sedan.

My recommendation is next time you get an e-mail from PCA announcing one of the Tech Tactics, register right then and there.  You will be happy you did.