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Published in the March 2015 issue of “Die Porsche Kassette”

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From PCA’s webpage:

“The Porsche Club of America celebrates the finer things in life.  We desire the comfort of good friends and good conversation, and we praise to a fault the world's finest automobile”.

The Porsche Club of America was founded in 1955 so it turns 60 this year, making it one of the oldest car clubs.  PCA is also the largest single-marque car club in the world.

PCA is made up of 13 geographic zones and each zone is further sub-divided into regions. 

There are a total of 141 regions with over 113,000 members (including primary and associate members).

Zone 1 Regions:

Acadia, Central New York, Connecticut Valley, Down East, Finger Lakes, Green Mountain, Hudson Champlain, Hudson Valley, Jersey Shore, Metropolitan New York, Niagara, North Country, Northeast, Northern New Jersey, Rennsport, Schattenbaum, Sudenvolk, Upper Canada.

Zone 2 Regions:

Blue Ridge, Central Pennsylvania, Chesapeake, Delaware, First Settlers, Keystone, Pocono, Potomac, Risentöter, Shenandoah.

Zone 3 Regions:

Alabama, Carolinas, Coastal Empire, Heart O’Dixie, Hurricane, Magnolia, Mid South, Musik Stadt, Ocmulgee, Palmetto, Peachstate, Smoky Mountain, Tennessee, Wilderness Trail.

Zone 4 Regions:

Allegheny, Central Indiana, Eastern Buckeye, Maumee Valley, Michiana, Mid Ohio, Motor-Stadt, Northern Ohio, Ohio Valley, Rally Sport, Southeast Michigan, Western Michigan.

Zone 5 Regions:

ARK LA TEX, Cimarron, Coastal Bend, Hill Country, Lone Star, Longhorn, Mardi Gras, Maverick, Ozark, War Bonnet, Whiskey Bay, White River.

Zone 6 Regions:

Absaroka, BC Interior, Big Sky, Canada West, Cascade, High Desert, Inland Northwest, Living Skies Prairie, Olympic Peninsula, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Polar, Silver Sage, Vancouver Island, Wild Rose, Yellowstone.

Zone 7 Regions:

Diablo, Golden State, Loma Prieta, Monterey Bay, Redwood, Sacramento Valley, Sequoia, Shasta, Sierra Nevada, Yosemite.

Zone 8 Regions:

Arizona, California Central Coast, California Inland, Golden Empire, Grand Prix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange Coast, Riverside, San Diego, San Gabriel Valley, Santa Barbara, Southern Arizona.

Zone 9 Regions:

Alpine Mountain, Carrera, Intermountain, Llano Estacado, Roadrunner, Rocky Mountain, West Texas.

Zone 10 Regions:

Central Iowa, Dakota, Great Plains, Kansas City, Nord Stern, Ozark Lakes, Red River, Schones Land, St. Louis, Wichita.

Zone 11 Regions:

Alaska, Hawaii.

Zone 12 Regions:

Everglades, Florida Citrus, Florida Crown, Gold Coast, North Florida, Puerto Rico, Sonnenschein, Spacecoast, Suncoast Florida.

Zone 13 Regions:

Bluegrass, Central Wisconsin, Chicago, Fox Valley, Kentucky, Lincoln Trail, Milwaukee, Southern Indiana.

The Club organizes over 3,000 events every year which are primarily managed by volunteers.

There are two major national events: The Porsche Parade and The PCA Escape

The Parade is a weeklong gathering of Porsche enthusiasts from all over the world.  It is held in a different venue every year and is full of fun Porsche activities.

The Escape is generally held on the opposite side of the country from the Parade so more people can have the opportunity to experience these get togethers.

At the regional level PCA organizes and runs Autocrosses, Driver Education Events, Concours D’Elegance, Rallys, Drives and Social Events, all geared to provide a great experience to those of us who have been bit by the Porsche bug.

Across PCA’s regions, the Club contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to local and national charities every year.

There is also Club Racing. The PCA Club Racing Committee, the PCA National Office and the PCA Regions organize and run over 30 Club Races throughout North America every year.

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And then, by itself worth the price of admission
to PCA, is the new PANORAMA magazine.
If you noticed last year how our magazine 
went from an award-winning Club magazine 
to one of the BEST motorsports publications in
the world, you’re not alone.
PCA was able to secure the services of Pete 
Stout, the former Excellence Magazine Editor.
Mr. Stout and his staff have done an incredible
job of transforming PANORAMA into a “can’t-
wait-for-the-next-issue” magazine and they’ve
even created an App for that!
You can also get PANORAMA on your mobile
phone or on your tablet and or computer.

Here is some interesting data about the “average” PANORAMA subscriber ...
    5 years is how long the average reader has been a member of PCA
  29% of subscribers own two or more Porsches
  29% have a household income of over $250,000
  36% have advanced degrees
  51 is the average age of the PANORAMA reader
  80% are married
  86% own four or more vehicles per household
  88% have a household income of over $100,000
  88% go on two or more vacations per year
  96% are college educated
  97% own real estate
  98% are male
100% love their Porsche(s)

1,500 copies of PANORAMA are sent to prospective PCA members every month and aside from those copies, the entire circulation goes to the 67,000+ paid-in-full members of the PCA.

PCA also has an excellent, user-friendly website at :

We all love our Porsches, but here’s the reason PCA is so successful ...
It’s not just the cars, it’s the people!

Because you’re reading this article it’s safe to assume that you are a member of the Porsche Club of America (PCA). 

If you’re not, stop reading now, and go to and Join the Club!

Even if you’ve been a long-time member, do you know our club?

These races are for Porsche

racecars only and are run on

iconic racetracks such as

Auto Club Speedway, Brainerd

International, Buttonwillow, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Circuit of the Americas (COTA), Daytona International Speedway, Gingerman Raceway, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, High Plains Raceway, Limerock, Mazda Laguna Seca, Mid Ohio, Miller Motorsports Park, Monticello Motor Club, Motosports Park Hastings, Motorsports Ranch, NJMP Thunderbolt Raceway, NOLA Motorsports Park, Putnam Park Road Course, Road America, Road Atlanta, Sebring International, Summitt Point, Texas World Speedway, Thunderhill, Virginia International Raceway (VIR), Watkins Glen and Willow Springs, among others.

Club Racing events are generally not open to the public, but if you’re a PCA member or their guest, you are welcomed not only as a spectator but also as a volunteer!