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$250 - $300*
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To place an order, please e-mail us:

  1. FIRST* & LAST* NAME of the cardholder

  2. Credit Card Number*

  3. Expiration Date*

  4. Authorization Code*

  5. Street Address*

  6. City*

  7. State*

  8. Zip Code*

  9. Telephone No.

  10. e-mail address

(*)  MUST match the account information on your Credit Card.

Or, simply call 
(954) 385-0330

You will need a cardboard box no larger than 48” x 24” x 8”, bubble wrap and packing tape.  UPS charges by weight and by volume

Keep all the removed trim pieces with you in a safe place, including the small triangular piece that sits on the top front of the panel.

Secure the loose blue connector with tape so that it doesn’t get damaged in transit.

Pack the panels leather side-to-leather side with a layer of bubble wrap in between.  Place both panels in the box and fill voids with bubble wrap so the panels can’t move freely.  PLEASE DON”T USE PACKING PEANUTS  They make a big mess and get into the panel’s innards.

Please include your name and telephone number in the box with the panels.  Once we receive them, we will call you to let you know we have them and we will also collect your credit card information at that time.

The packed box with both panels should weigh approximately 29 pounds.

Get a shipping quote from UPS.

You will need the exact box dimensions and weight and the shipping address:  PedrosGarage, 15245 Sevares Ct., Odessa FL 33556

If you call us at  (954) 385-0330 with the exact dimensions and weight of the packed panels, we will be happy to e-mail you a prepaid shipping label at our discounted cost.

Our normal approximate shipping costs for 2 panels (UPS Ground) with $599 insurance coverage are:

To/from the West Coast .... $68.00 (approximately 5 business days)

To/from the Midwest ......... $55.00 (approximately 3-4 business days)

To/from  the Northeast ...... $50.00 (approximately 3-4 business days)

To/from the Southeast ...... $45.00 (approximately 2-3 business days)

Within Florida .................... $35.00 (overnight)

If you require faster shipping services, we will be happy to ship according to your needs.  We bill you our shipping cost.

We keep the panels usually 24 hours or less, quickly shipping them back to you in the original box.

Please watch the short video showing how to remove the door panels.

(*) per panel, depending of the severity of damage

Short video showing step-by-step panel removal

When we receive the panels we carefully inspect them for any damage.  Any damage is photographed for records.

The repair procedure includes:

• General cleaning of panel to  better assess damage.

• Removal of adhesive remnants from prior botched repair (if present)

• Mechanical repairs to any broken plastic (if required)

  1. Preparation of delaminated surfaces using specialized cleaners, primers and

   adhesive promoters

• Application of specialized adhesives

• Allow curing time

  1. Final inspection including placing panel in a jig to check for warping. 

  2. If warped, panel is then re-formed back to OEM shape to assure a perfect fit when installed.

• Panels are packed and shipped back according to your instructions.

For Porsche door panel warping / delamination repair.