We also replaced the control arms with brand new ones.  I have test-driven and carefully inspected this vehicle and it drives very tight.  There are no squeaks or noises.  No surprises.

The 2.7 liter engine has a lot of power and runs very smooth.

Did I mention that the engine is being offered with a full 1 year warranty with unlimited mileage?

Selling it for $17,499 equates to $13,599 for the car (with a new engine) plus the $2,300 of the DOF Kit, $750 for the Clutch Kit, $150 for the Front Engine Mount and $700 for the water pump, thermostat and belt, and you get a warranty!  It really is a very good deal.

If you were looking for the more powerful Boxster S, we can install the TechnoPower2 Kit for no additional labor charge. Just pay for the kit ($1,699.99).  The TechnoPower2 Kit will add a full 27HP to the factory’s 217HP for a total of 244HP. 

Now you’ll have Boxster S performance for an incredible deal!


If you’d like to purchase it, or need additional information, please contact Pedro:

Phone: (954) 385-0330



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This is a 2003 Boxster with a 2.7L flat six engine (217HP) with a 5-speed manual transmission.  We purchased it with no engine, but in great condition otherwise.

Zero miles engine 
includes DOF + IMS bearing
plus a full 1-year warranty!

We did not overlook the interior.  Although it was in very good condition, the seats were removed to be renewed and the interior received a complete detail including carpet shampoo and conditioning.

And the exterior is as good as the rest of the car.  There are no dings or dents.  The Midnight Blue Metallic paint looks very good and has a great shine.  The Metropol Blue soft top is in tip top shape, and because it is a model year 2003, it comes with the much desired factory rear glass window with defroster.  The Savanna Beige interior was completely renewed and is flawless!

Every system in this car was tested to ensure proper operation, from each and every light bulb and switch, to the A/C, HiFi audio system, brakes, soft top, power windows, locks, alarm, keyless entry system, etc., etc.

This baby also has special option wheels and brand new tires and the Bose HiFi audio package.

Then an engine was sourced which was completely disassembled, meticulously cleaned, prepped and then reassembled in a clean room with new piston rings, new seals, new bearings, new chain guides, new chain tensioners, new water pump, new thermostat and new clutch.  We also installed a new IMS bearing and the Direct Oil Feed System.

This car is being offered with a full one year warranty on the engine (unlimited miles).

Model Year 2003