Because of sound restrictions in Europe, the 986 Boxster was designed with air dams and air baffles attached to the air intake tube which makes the airflow from the airbox to the throttle body less than smooth and laminar.

You can purchase many expensive aftermarket air intake systems, yet they all do the same thing, reduce turbulence in the air as it flows from the filter to the throttle body.

Since i like to do things myself, I developed the technoFlo  about 11 years ago and it’s been great.  Together with de-snorkeling the intake sound is awesome.

This project was performed on an early (1998) Boxster, but later years are similar although some of the components and their layout may be a little different.

It is very easy to make and install.

You will need the following materials from any hardware store/home improvement center:
• Two 3” Nitrile 90 degree Rubber Elbows with hose clamps (plumbing department).

• Section of straight tubing 3 inch diameter,                                  • Section of air conditioning tubing
   aluminum (specialty supplier) or PVC                                           insulating material (HVAC dept.)
   (plumbing dept.) 2 feet will do.                                                      You’ll need about 8 feet of material.

• Nylon Tie Wraps (electrical department)

You will need the following tools:
• Hacksaw for trimming tube to size
• Sharp knife, scissors for trimming nitrile elbows
• Screwdriver

Open the engine compartment.
Remove the air intake tube by
loosening the hose clamps on
both sides (airbox and throttle

Loosely place one 3” diameter Nitrile elbow on the air box and the other elbow on the throttle body.
Depending on the particular car you have, you may need to trim off the rubber flange(s) on the end(s) of the elbow(s) to obtain a better fit.

You can now measure the length of tube needed.  Cut it to size and assemble the tube with the elbows loosely.
Install in place, adjust and tighten the hose clamps on the ends of the tube so the assembly is firm.

Remove again and cut pieces of the insulating material to fit around the 3” tube and between the elbows.  This material generally has adhesive edges, so you can attach several to give you the necessary diameter to completely envelop the tube.  This is done to insulate the tube from the engine’s heat and to maintain cooler air coming into the throttle body.
Secure with several Nylon Tie wraps.

While you’re here you may want to clean the throttle body.  Click here for detailed instructions.

Install your technoFlo  Hi-Flo Air Intake System in place for the final time.

Happy Boxstering,

Hi-Flo air INTAKE
you did-it-Yourself
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