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The technoVolt converts your plain fuse cover into a useful monitoring tool that automatically monitors the condition of your car’s electrical system.

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The technoVolt  is a highly accurate, microprocessor-controlled, 12 volt battery and alternator, digital gauge with three color-coded warning lights:

GREEN     indicates when battery voltage is in the normal range (12.5 to 14.4 VDC)
YELLOW  indicates battery voltage just outside the normal range 
RED           indicates some anomaly in the system that should be checked out.
The technoVolt  includes a new Fuse Cover Lid with all the wiring and monitoring systems attached.

You will only have to connect two wires and glue two terminals to the fuse cover box.

Installation should be about 45 minutes and we include complete installation instructions.
Our unique design allows you to remove the cover just as you would on the OEM to access the fuse box.
When placing it back, the technoVolt  incorporates the contacts on it’s support clips, so you install as a normal OEM fuse cover.
When connected to a switched source, the technoVolt won’t draw any charge from the battery when the ignition is off.

Available for Boxsters and Caymans of all years in both left-hand and right-hand drive configurations.

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