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These are our most exciting products: the technoTorque and the technoTorque2 High Performance Kits.

These parts make the air flow from the throttle body into the engine MUCH more efficient and therefore faster, increasing TORQUE throughout the full curve.

The technoTorque and the technoTorque2 Kits eliminate the turbulence created within the OEM tee by the use of our integrated aero-splitter.

With turbulence eliminated, MORE and FASTER air can flow into the cylinders improving response and torque.

Your engine management system will quickly adapt to the new intake characteristics (generally less than 30 miles of driving).

The following is an oversimplified graphic of the airflow in the OEM Tee and in our modified technoTorque  Tee.

For a complete and detailed explanation please  watch the short video at the bottom of this page.

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For MY 1997, 1998, 1999 Boxsters      For MY 2000, ‘01, ‘02, ‘03 and ’04          For the 3.8 Liter Carrera

For MY 1999 & 2000 Carrera 996       TechnoTorque2 is discontinued

Torque tests and graphics are from the G-Tech Pro SS unit.
All runs were done under the same conditions (vehicle weight and similar climatic conditions).  We recorded 10 runs with the OEM setup to obtain the base, then we installed the technoTorque  and recorded another 10 runs.  For each set of runs we discarded the highest and the lowest and averaged the remaining 8 runs.

We expect better results (higher gains) on the 2.7 and 3.2 liter engines.  As soon as available, we will post those results here.

There are three versions: technoTorque the technoTorque2 and the technoTorque3.
The technoTorque  is for use on 986 Boxsters from 1997 through 1999 inclusive as well as on 996 Carrera from 1999 and 2000 with the 3.4 liter engine.
The technoTorque 2 is for use on 986 Boxsters and 986 Boxster Ss from 2000 through 2004 inclusive.
The technoTorque 3 is for use on Carrera Ss with the 3.8 liter engine.

The Kits come with full installation instructions, for fast and easy DIY and they include a brand new OEM (Porsche) Tee which has been ported and polished prior to installing our own, specially designed Areo Splitter which is then securely bonded with high temperature epoxy and a safety screw.   The Aero Splitter is manufactured in-house using a high-temp plastic resin which is impervious to motor oil and gas.  After the unit is completely assembled, we seal the inside surfaces using high temperature clearcoat to make it even more “slippery” to the rushing air.

Installations is very simple, just replace the complete piece.  No need to return the core

Following are two superimposed screens of the “before (in dark)” and “after (in blue)” torque curves.  As you can see, with the echnoTorque  installed, the new (blue) curve, is higher than the OEM, never dips bellow the old curve and peaks at 990 RPM less than the OEM with a gain of an additional 8 ft-lb of peak torque (as tested on a 2.5 L   Boxster).



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