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When an M96/M97 engined Porsche is cornered hard and fast, the oil in the sump will creep up the pan’s vertical walls, leaving the pickup tubes sucking air and thus starving the engine for oil.

The   technoSump will keep the oil pickup points completely submerged in oil allowing the pumps to lubricate the engine properly by adding 2 full quarts to the oil sump’s capacity and by introducing a specially designed horizontal stainless steel dam.

It is a simple DIY installation and a complete kit which includes everything even the anaerobic gasket maker.

complete kit

Our   technoSump kit is a complete assembly which includes:

• Sump Extension (precision engineered aluminum, anodized gold)

• Oil pickup extension (precision engineered aluminum, anodized gold)

• OEM 987 Plastic Pickup Tubes (quantity = 2)

• Extended Hex Bolts (quantity = 15)

• Horizontal Dam (precision engineered, stainless steel)

• Baffle Spacers (aluminum, quantity =  3)

• Anaerobic Gasket Maker Tube

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Performance TECHNOLOGY

Fits all Boxsters and Caymans as well as 996 and 997 Carreras.

In the following photo you will see a cutout of the oil sump in a Cayman engine with the   technoSump installed.  You can clearly see:

  1. Extra capacity oil spacer (1)

  2. Oil pickup tube spacer (2)

  3. Horizontal stainless steel oil dam (3)

This kit is recommended for track-only vehicles as ground clearance could become an issue with regular city driving due to the extension of the oil pan.

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