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The technoShift OBD-II is a high-reliability Progressive ShiftLight that is an easy plug-n-play in your Porsche.

Most people generally don’t look at their car’s tachometer relying on the car’s sound to make the shift.  That’s fine when cruising, but if you do any type of performance driving such as a DE or AX event or on some challenging mountain roads, you need the visual cues of your engine’s speed to shift gears at the car’s optimal shift points, taking advantage of the maximum HP power bands.

Normally, to install these sequential shift lights you would have to remove your car’s dash cluster of gauges, then look for and find the engine’s speed signal source and solder into that.  You would also have to provide a switched source of power (12VDC+) plus a solid ground, for the system to work.  But with the technoShift OBD-II all you do is plug into the OBD-II port and place the technoShift on the dash with velcro or double-sided tape.  That’s it! 

Installation takes all of 30 seconds.  We’ve done the work for you. Check out our short video below.

You can leave the technoShift OBD-II  in place permanently or remove it after your high performance drive.

One other advantage of the technoShift OBD-II is that you can install it facing up and then look at the LEDs as a HUD (heads up display) without taking your eyes off the road or track.  The HUD works day or night because the  technoShift OBD-II is equipped with automatic light-dimming sensors that adapt to the ambient light.


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tecnoShift OBD-II

Specify flat or curved

technoShift OBD-II

You can install the sequential shift lights directly on top of the dash, hidden and facing up to get a HUD (off the glass) or on the instrument cluster itself.  There are two  versions of the technoShift OBD-II (flat bottom or curved) to fit your needs.

But the  technoShift OBD-II is more than a sequential shift light, it also shows you the condition of your battery upon startup.  With the ignition on, before firing up the engine, the first led to the left indicates 9 volts and every other LED to its right indicates one more volt, so in the photo at right it is showing healthy 12 volt reading.

The  technoShift OBD-II is controlled by a very versatile and powerful microprocessor which allows the user to:

Set their own shift points

Set the brightness threshold for night and day driving

Set the step size between lights at 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 & 4000 RPM

Set cruise mode dimming

Set engine stall alert and more.

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