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FVD Software vs. the competition

- All of the OEM engine software safety features are fully intact and are not disabled.

  1. -Software is completely reversible and undetectable for dealer service / diagnostics / extended


  1. -Our software accommodates 91-100 octane automatically (adjusts timing and knock sensors all the way up to 100 Octane), no need for a several expensive octane files.

- Customizable for your needs (catalytic bypass / 100 cell exhausts, etc.) all no extra cost.

  1. -Raises the limits on OEM sensors for air intakes / larger throttle bodies and adjusts air fuel for

  increased performance.

  1. -Individuals have the option of selecting where the program resides, in normal, sport mode or


  1. -Automatically sets quicker responding tiptronic parameters (for moderately tuned cars) directly on the ECU.

- Customers can specify left foot braking for track events so that the throttle does not cut out.

- We can turn off the secondary air pump for the addition of a motorsports oil separator.

- 100+ Octane maps can be made.

  1. -Dyno Proven and comprehensively tested on the Autobahn, the race track and under daily driving conditions.

- 27 + years of software tuning knowledge on Porsche vehicles.

- 30-day money back guarantee! Not satisfied with the power, send it back no questions asked.

FVD-Brombacher - Power with Peace of Mind.

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The  technoPower2 Kit is a complete kit that increases the HP output from your 2.7 liter and 3.2 liter Porsche Boxster (2000 - 2004) by as much as 32 HP* and 20 ft. lb* of torque.  

The technoPower2 Kit includes:
New  technoTorque3 intake plenum 
New Porsche Throttle Body (76 mm) 
Remapping of the ECU by FVD Brombacher with MyGenius Tool
All the necessary hoses, adaptors and hardware
Installation Instructions

To make more power you need more air and more gas into the cylinders.
Replacing the restrictive 64 mm OEM throttle body with a much larger 76 mm version, adding the technoTorque3 air splitter which allows much better and faster air flow into the plenums, and finally letting the ECU know that these changes have been made, allows the computer to add more gas as more air is pumped into the cylinders maintaining the correct mixture, and thus producing much more power and fuel efficiency.

The difference between a 64 mm throttle body and a 76 mm one (in area) is 41%.  Add to that the efficiency of the technoTorque3  air splitter and the reprogramming the engine management’s system and you’ve got a serious increase in power and torque  on your 2.7L or 3.2L Boxster.

You will not find a better package for the 2.7 & 3.2 liter Boxsters!

Complete Kit increases HP & Torque for ‘00-’04 Boxster’s flat-6 engine.

Now includes ECU

remapping from:

FVD Software Programming can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home or by one of our recommended dealers, there is no need to risk damage to the ECU by removing it and shipping it. Programming with this tool is a simple, guided experience that requires little user input and about an hour or two at the most. It is a simple process by which you read out your vehicle’s original software file with our handheld software tool. You then connect the tool to a computer and email the downloaded software to us; we alter the original file and send both back via email. Our software delivery tool is the latest technology and is a stand-alone unit that does not interface with Windows®. Unlike other software delivery methods that are cable-based PC connections, there is ZERO likelihood of software files being corrupted through Windows®, which can destroy your expensive Porsche® ECU. To see just how easy the process is click here….

technoPower2 Kit
Tuning from:


Complete Kit.  Includes all of the above described parts.

Offers the maximum performance gains.

*We highly recommend also installing equal-length headers and less restrictive exhaust such as the PSE for maximum HP and Torque gains.  The OEM air filter is perfect.  No need to replace it 

Does NOT include the FVD My Genius Tool and therefore no ECU remap.

All other above described parts included.

Reduced prices!