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Porsche door panel warping / delamination repair

Boxster door panel warping

Cayman door panel warpin g

Carrera door panel warping

Repair Technology
$150 - $300*
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technolab has perfected the repair of warped and delaminated door panels at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  They look good as new!
Built-up heat inside the doors is wreaking havoc on late model Porsche sports cars, such as the Boxster, Cayman and Carrera from 2005 and newer.
After the car is out of warranty, Porsche will only replace them at a cost of over $1,300 each, plus labor.

When the door panels start to delaminate and warp, call us ...

We can fix them!

(*) per panel, depending whether they have been repaired previously.

If you’d like to save some money, we can show you how to remove them.  Then just pack and ship them to us.  We turn them around in less than 48 hours and ship them back to you so you can enjoy your Porsche again.

Our repairs are a permanent fix, since we use several techniques that assure its longevity, such as special high-heat adhesives, mechanical plastic welding, re-forming and aluminum reinforcements, where needed.

And if you’re near the Tampa Bay Area in Florida, you can come with your car and we’ll remove the panels for you.  Return next day and we’ll install the repaired panels for you.

How to pack and ship the panels to us CLICK HERE../Site_4/TechnoPanel_2.html

Short video showing step-by-step panel removal

To find out why these panels are failing and more, click HERE

$299 - $399*

Due to the rampant price increase of parts, supplies materials and shipping we find ourselves having to increase prices effective January 1, 2022. 

Take advantage of the lower prices through the month of December!