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Add HP and Torque to your Porsche at the best price on the market!

Now with tuning

technology from:


technolab has partnered with FVD Brombacher, a world-renowned Porsche performance software company, to provide you with the best Porsche ECU Tuning (remapping) available.

FVD Software Programming can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home or by one of or recommended dealers.  there is no need to risk damage to the ECU by removing and shipping it.

Programming with this tool is a simple guided experience that requires little user input and about an hour or two at the most.  It is a simple process by which you read out your vehicle’s original software file with the included handheld tool.  You then connect the tool to a computer and email the downloaded software to FVD.  FVD alters the original file and send you both files back via email.  The FVD software delivery tool is the latest technology and a stand-alone unit that does not interface with Windows. Unlike other software delivery methods that are cable-based PC connections, there is ZERO likelihood of software files being corrupted through Windows, which can destroy your expensive Porsche ECU.

With the “My Genius” Tool from FVD Brombacher, you can upload the performance map right into your car’s ECU through the OBD-II port.  For the 2.5L cars, the My Genius Tool will only work with Bosch ECU #0261 2046 05.

If your ECU does not have that part number, then the ECU must be sent to FVD for remapping.  The My Genius Tool will work on all MY 2000 and newer ECUs.

The amount of extra HP and Torque added to an engine after DME Flashing depends on the type and displacement of the engine and of the specific parameters chosen, and can start from 15 HP/10 ft-lb and up.