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technolab now offers a new service: technoBore.
Our new Throttle Body Boring service will bore your throttle body to the maximum allowable safe bore diameter.  Your  technoBore  throttle body will be returned with a new, custom, oil-impregnated, self lubricating butterfly valve, machined to the throttle body’s new diameter.

Our service includes:
• Cleaning and degreasing the part
• Boring to maximum safe diameter
• Porting
• Polishing (not just machining)
• Tapering body from 6 to 0 degrees
New, custom, butterfly valve 

On a 2.5 Liter flat 6 engine, the OEM throttle body measures 64 mm in diameter.  We can bore that same body to a whopping 75 mm, an increase of over 29% in area.

The more air you can get into the engine, the more power the engine will create.

We recommend that his larger throttle be installed with a technoTorque  and a technoChip to provide the maximum HP increase.

We offer this service for any Porsche Throttle Body.

We have technoBore throttle bodies in stock to shorten your down time.

More air means more HP

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For the 2.5L non E-gas engines only