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More air means more HP

technolab now offers a new service: technoBore.
Our new Throttle Body Boring service will bore your throttle body to the maximum allowable safe bore diameter.  Your  technoBore  throttle body will be returned with a new, custom, oil-impregnated, self lubricating brass butterfly valve, machined to the throttle body’s new diameter.

Our service includes:
• Cleaning and degreasing the part
• Boring to maximum safe diameter
• Porting
• Polishing (not just machining)
• Tapering body from 6 to 0 degrees
New, custom, brass butterfly valve 

On a 2.5 Liter flat 6 engine, the OEM throttle body measures 64 mm in diameter.  We can bore that same body to a whopping 75 mm, an increase of over 15%.

The more air you can get into the engine, the more power the engine will create.

We recommend that his larger throttle be installed with a technoTorque  and a technoChip to provide the maximum HP increase.

We offer this service for any Porsche Throttle Body.

We have technoBore throttle bodies in stock to shorten your down time.../Site/Products.html

For the 2.5L non-Egas engines only