At the end of every Spring, since 1999,  I’ve enjoyed getting together with my friends at BRBS (Blue Ridge Boxster Summit).

The BRBS is a celebration of the Porsche Boxster and of their drivers and enthusiasts.

Many don’t have their original Boxsters any longer (they’re on their 2nd, or 3rd Boxster, or other P-Car), yet they still come back every year.

I wanted to share a little bit of what BRBS is to me, so crank up the volume and enjoy!

Happy Boxstering
BRBS VIII (2006) Fun Run
BRBS IX (2007)

I also want to include videos from other activities.

BRBS 10 (2008)

Because BRBS 10 was a special anniversary, I decided to do a couple of videos:

“Out to lunch and ice-cream”

and a second one: 

“We’re still having fun ... and you’re still the one”

which I dedicate to my 1998 Boxster with which I’ve had so much fun.

Crank it up an enjoy them!

BRBS 10 We’re Still having fun... and you’re still the one
As you can clearly see, we really enjoy our Porsches, but ....
It’s not [just] the cars, it’s [mostly] the people!
Happy Boxstering,
BRBS 11 (2009)
BRBS 11 (2009)
HoMestead-Miami Speedway
BankAtlantic Center AutoCross
BRBS 11 (2009)