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Our hottest service now is the permanent repair of delaminated and warped door panels from the 987/997, 981/991 and 718/992 models.  We offer a quick turnaround and a very affordable solution for your expensive door panels.

We offer the most comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPI) for Porsche automobiles in Florida and the Southeast.

Our 100+ point inspection and detailed PPI Report accompanied by dozens of Photos of the vehicle will make your decision whether to purchase or not much easier and give you peace of mind.

We also provide Central West Florida (Tampa Bay Area) Independent Porsche Service and Maintenance with a unique twist: One Porsche at a time, by appointment only.

Because we only work on one Porsche at a time we dedicate all of our attention to your vehicle exclusively and to your special or unique requests.

We are Porsche owners, racers and enthusiasts ourselves and have been for many years, and we actively participate in Porsche events all over the Country and abroad, therefore we know what is available in the market as well.

Please feel free to visit all our pages. 

The About Us page offers information on our background and has links to many of our favorite Porsche Groups and Organizations.

In another page: Service & Maintenance we describe our Service/Maintenance Programs and Special Requests.

In the products page you will find some great products for your Porsche:

Our number 1 selling product, the technoFix DOF fixes the IMS bearing lubrication issue on all M96/M97 Porsche engines.  We offer two versions of our kit, depending on the type of IMS bearing your car has.

We also offer the most affordable replacement IMS bearings on the market in single and double-row versions.

The techNOWind  is for the new 718/981 Boxster and Boxster S.  The Porsche-supplied windstop mesh between the roll bars is very rearview restrictive, so we came up with a perfectly CLEAR alternative.

The technoLines  are DOT approved, steel-braided, teflon brake lines of the best quality.  We also offer a clutch bleed kit which makes bleeding the clutch slave cylinder a cinch.

We have included several new products as well:

The technoTooth which adds Bluetooth capability to any Porsche with a functioning radio, technoShift OBD-II an LED sequential shift light which is plug-n-play, technoPulley an underdrive crank pulley which gives back 5 HP, and the technoSump for track use adds 2 quarts of oil and drastically reduces oil starvation.

The recently introduced technoChip: ECU (DME) Remapping which gets you more horsepower and Torque.  We now offer the MyGenius Tool from FVD Brombacher that allows you to upload the improved DME maps right through the OBD-II connector in your car.

We’ve packaged the above to form the technoPower Kit  which combines the technoTorque, the technoBore, the technoGas and the technoChip  in one complete kit, giving you up to 23 HP extra for the early 2.5 liter 986 (1997 - 1999).

The technoGas. is a complimentary part for the technoPower  Kits and it is a higher psi fuel pressure regulator.  If you purchased a technoPower  kit in the past, you should add this part which will refine the kit and provides a few more HP.

technoPower2  kits for the newer 986 models (2000-2004) Boxsters Base and S models are available and will give you up to an additional 30 HP.

In addition, we offer many other performance products and items such as the technoTorque and technoTorque3 which increase the complete torque curve of your Boxster/996, at a very affordable cost, and the technoBrace (one of the best bang-for-your-buck mods available).

The technoLite HID is a complete conversion kit to High Intensity Discharge Xenon Headlights, equivalent to Litronics for a fraction of the cost.

The technoLite LED DRL is a complete kit to add bright, LED, Daytime Running Lights  to your Boxster, Cayman or Carrera.

The technoLite LED PARKING LIGHT. An upgraded LED Parking Light Bulb  to complete the “white light” look after you upgrade to the technoLite LED DRL.

The technoVolt. A highly accurate, digital monitoring gauge with warning lights for your car’s electrical system (battery and alternator) for the Boxster/Cayman platform.

In the same Products Page you will find our recommended aftermarket specialty products from selected brands such as: Tarett Engineering, GAHH, and Superior Dash.

There’s also a  Products for You section where you can find Cool Hats in Hot Colors with contrasting embroidery as well as other seasonal products.

You can also see our magnetic technology products such as the technoBra and techNumbersgenerally used for track days.

We also have a page: Porsches and Parts for Sale where we highlight selected pre-owned Porsche vehicles for Sale as well as selected new and used parts which meet our criteria for recommendation.

In the page: Garage you will find information about modifying and upgrading the Boxster.

In the page: DIY we provide do-it-yourself instructions for many popular maintenance issues and special projects.  We are constantly adding more, so make a point of bookmarking it and returning often to the page.  Also, please feel free to let us know which projects you want us to include in future updates by e-mailing us directly.

To help you decipher the Porsche Option Codes we’ve posted a long list containing all the Codes that we have found so far. 

If you find any mistakes or discover new codes, please drop us an e-mail so that we can expand it even further.

To help you decide which oil is best for your car, we’ve posted Porsche’s latest Approved Oils List.

One of my responsibilities monthly choirs for the past 10 years has been writing a new Tech Article.  Those Technical Articles are offered here, on PedrosGarage.com as well.  We also offer them to any and all PCA Newsletter Editors with special arrangement.  If you are an Editor interested in publishing the Tech Articles, please contact: Pedro@PedrosGarage.com.  They are copyrighted and require permission to be published.

Some time ago we received a beautiful and very exclusive gift from Porsche Cars North America (PCNA).  Check it out!

In the page: Videos you will find some short videos capturing some of the Boxster Fun Runs at events such as BRBS in North Carolina (now in Georgia) as well as some of our favorite track videos including AXs and DEs at our three local tracks: Sebring International Raceway, Homestead-Miami Speedway and Palm Beach International Raceway. 

Check them out!  I often do, when I’m needing a drive and can’t get out.

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At PedrosBoard.com you can post questions and/or provide answers regarding our cars, events, special gatherings, etc.  We also have free specialized forums:“Cars for Sale” and “Parts for Sale”

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