The technoBrace is a track-tested, lower rear suspension brace which will lower your AX and Track times.

This is our best-selling product.../Site_2/TechnoBrace.html
At PedrosGarage we offer an ample line of products for your Porsche Boxster, Cayman or Carrera and for yourself.

Our PORSCHE PERFORMANCE PARTS and PORSCHE ENHANCEMENT PARTS are fully developed, tested and manufactured in-house and will deliver as promised.  
We stake our reputation on that promise.

Scroll down to see each Product Group, then Click on any of the products to go directly to it’s particular page where you will find more information on pricing and ordering.

Our Promise to you:
We will not sell or recommend any product that we have not personally tested and/or have installed in our own car.
TARETT ENGINEERING../Site_2/Selected_Brands.html
A great Performance Product is the 
It increases your engine’s peak torque 
by a minimum of 8 ft-lb at approximately 
990 RPMs less.../Site_2/TechnoTorque.html
The technoMounts are our 
remanufactured Front Engine 
We use a much stronger center core than the OEM, yet it still dampens vibrations very well.
These will last a lot longer than the originals which would give out at around 40,000 miles.../Site_2/TechnoMount.html
technoLeather is our fine-leather upholstering service for interior trim pieces.  In lieu of painting, have it covered in leather!../Site_2/TechnoLeather.html
Our line of Magnetic Products include the techNumbers our line of magnetic track numbers manufactured from high-quality 30 mil magnetic stock that will remain adhered to the car at speeds of 150 mph. You can choose your favorite font and color.../Site_2/TechNumbers.html
The technoBra  is another product in our Magnetic Technology Line which has been designed to protect your car’s front hood and  fenders from road and track debris.
Available in many colors.../Site_2/TechnoBra.html

PedrosGarage also offers Selected Performance Products from outside vendors at the lowest prices on the market.

Among those lines are:


We keep striving to bring you the products you need and want.
A couple of them have been suggested by your comments on this website.

Happy Boxstering,

High Performance Suspension Components for your Porsche.../Site_2/Selected_Brands.html
Automotive trim in carbon fibre, exotic woods  and  high-tech materials.../Site_2/Selected_Brands.html
America’s choice for quality automotive tops and interiors ../Site_2/Selected_Brands.html

The technoLites are our lighting upgrade kits:

The technoLite HID

Converts your Halogen Headlights to modern Xenon High Intensity Discharge headlights equivalent to the OEM Litronics at a fraction of their cost.

The technoLite LED DRL

Offers highly visible LED Daytime Running Lights similar to those on the latest models from Porsche.

The technoLite LED Parking Light completes the “white light” look in conjunction with  your upgrade to Xenons.

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The technoChip is our DME Tuning / Flashing Service.

We can reflash your Porsche’s Motronic DME to obtain substantial gains in HP and Torque, at the most affordable price on the market.

Our highly-trained and experienced programmers have worked on Porsche Cup Teams and directly with the manufacturer of the DME: Bosch GmbH.

The technoPower Kit is made to increase the power output of your (’97-’99) 986 Boxster.

The technoPower Kit  includes:
 Bored out Throttle Body (74 mm)
 technoTorque  intake plenum
Higher psi Fuel Pressure Reg.
 Remapping of the ECU../Site_2/TechnoPower_Kit.htmlshapeimage_25_link_0
PORSCHE PERFORMANCE PARTS../Site_2/TechnoPower_Kit.html
PORSCHE PERFORMANCE PARTS../Site_2/TechnoTorque.html
PORSCHE ENHANCEMENT PARTS../Site_2/TechnoLeather.html
Our latest Performance Product is the 
new technoBore.
This new service increases the cross section of your throttle body to the maximum possible for that body.
More air means more HP../Site_2/TechnoBore.html
PORSCHE PERFORMANCE PARTS../Site_2/TechnoPower2_Kit.html
The technoPower2 Kit is made to increase the power output of your (’00-’04) 986 Boxster.

The technoPower2 Kit  includes:
 New and larger e-gas Throttle Body

 technoTorque3  intake plenum
Higher psi Fuel Pressure  Regulator
 Remapping of the ECU../Site_2/TechnoPower2_Kit.html../Site_2/TechnoPower2_Kit.htmlshapeimage_42_link_0
What the factory forgot to include: 
High precision, electric gauges to measure just about any parameter you want to monitor.../Site_2/TechnoGauges.html
Add an extra 25 HP to your 2.5L 986../Site_2/TechnoPower_Kit.html
Add up to 32 HP to your 2.7/3.2L 986../Site_2/TechnoPower2_Kit.html
The techNOwind is made as a CLEAR alternative to the restrictive windstop mesh from Porsche.

For the Boxster 981 & 718 - all years

The technoSump adds a full 2 extra quarts of oil to your engine’s oil capacity.
It protects against oil starvation during hard cornering.

For all M96/M97 engines../Site_2/TechnoSump.html

The technoPulley underdrives the engine’s secondary systems by 15%.  This means cooler power steering fluid even under track conditions.

It a adds back 5-7 HP.

PORSCHE PERFORMANCE PARTS../Site_2/TechnoPulley.html
For all M96/M97 engines../Site_2/TechnoPulley.html
The technoFix DOF is the final solution for the IMS bearing issue.
Direct Oil Feed to the bearing!
It feeds a stream of engine oil right onto the IMS bearing.
The issue was always lack of lubrication!
HOT!  HOT!  HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT!../Site_2/TechnoFix_DOF.html
The technoTooth makes any Porsche radio Bluetooth compatible, even M.O.S.T.
Stream your favorite music or have a hands free telephone conversation directly from your smartphone (iPhone or Android) through your car’s stereo with: technoTooth A kit for every Porsche radio!
PORSCHE AUDIO PARTS../Site_2/TechnoTooth.html
For any and every Porsche radio../Site_2/TechnoTooth.html

The technoShift OBD-II is a plug-n-play sequential shifter for your Boxster or Carrera.

All you do is attach it to your chosen location with Velcro or double-sided tape and connect the plug to the OBD-II port over the fusebox.

Also acts as a battery monitor!


Sequential Shift Lights (LED)

The technoLines are DOT 
certified flexible brake lines for 
street and track.

The technoLines Kit:
(set of 4 flexible brake lines) will fit:
1997 - 2012 Boxster and Boxster S
2005 - 2012 Cayman and Cayman S
1999 - 2012 Porsche Carrera C2, C2S, C4, C4S, Turbo, TurboS, GT2 & GT3../Site_2/TechnoLines.html../Site_2/TechnoLines.htmlTechnolab.htmlshapeimage_68_link_0shapeimage_68_link_1

Steel-braided brake lines


The technoGas is a higher psi fuel pressure regulator that allows the ECU to better obtain the correct air-to-gas mixture providing even more horsepower.

If you previously installed a technoPower Kit, you want this now!

For the technoPower Kits

Factory-style Gauges

High Intensity Discharge and LED

High velocity intake air splitter

Bigger bore = more Power!

ECU remapping from FVD

Beautiful leather instead of plastic

Magnetic Numbers for DE and AX

Magnetic Bra  front-end protection

Best bang for your buck!

Stronger, Cheaper & Longer Lasting