Family Tree

Some time ago, Porsche decided to put up a new website called Porsche Family Tree, a place where people could post and share their own individual Porsche Stories.

As soon as I learned about it I posted mine.

Some months later I received an e-mail from from Porsche Cars North America (PCNA), from their Online and Relationship Manager who told me that they (PCNA) had decided to select a few of the stories and make them into a limited edition book, which would be sent to the Porsche Family as a memento.

He also told me that every one of the authors of the selected stories would receive a book, and that only 1000 would be printed.

Well, a few weeks later I got this in the mail:

...which accompanied a beautiful, hard-bound, coffee table book...

... here’s the first page of the book...

..and on page 34 this was printed ...

(Click on the page to be taken to the e-page on the Family Tree)

It is a very nice gift from PCNA to the Porsche Family and to the authors of the selected Stories.

Thank you PCNA.

Happy Porsche’ing,