When purchasing a pre owned Porsche, be it through a car dealer or directly with a private party, you must know what to look for, since some issues may exist with each particular model.

Our knowledge from many years of owning, daily-driving, racing and working on these vehicles helps us find them, if they exist, and report them to you before you make the purchase.

Learning the real facts about the Porsche you are buying can save you a lot of money and can eliminate the anxiety of purchasing a pre owned vehicle.

For out-of-state and out-of-the-country customers our PPI service can save you the extra expense of a trip to Florida, where we have the second largest Porsche market in the world and some of the best examples of the marque, since Florida cars are not usually subject to winter salt or poor road surface environments, as are cars elsewhere in the Country.

Our PPI Report has no attachments or biases, and we won’t even know if you end up buying the vehicle or not, unless you let us know. We will give you the best possible information available to us so you make the best and most informed decision.

If you’re purchasing from a private party, you need a PPI.

If you’re purchasing from a dealer, you need a PPI.

If you’re purchasing a non CPO’d Porsche from a Porsche dealer, you need an independent PPI.

If you’re purchasing a CPO’d Porsche still under warranty you don’t need a PPI.

We specialize in water cooled Porsche Sport Cars from 1997 on, in particular: 986, 987, 981, 718 (982) Boxsters and Caymans, and 996, 997 and 991 Carreras, in all of their different versions and sub-modes.

Each model year and each version is slightly different from the previous or subsequent one.  We have the experience to identify any potential problem areas, modifications or special options and point them out to you.

Our PPI report encompasses details of the exterior (condition, paint thickness, body filler, etc.), Interior (appearance and operation of all components), Suspension (visual inspection and operation), Drive Mechanism (visual inspection and operation), Fluids, Engine (reading any OBD-II error codes and stored engine-data) and Components, Tires and Brakes, Transmission, Clutch/Torque Converter, and a test drive.

We also offer an Oil Filter Inspection where we analyze the oil filter element looking for any metallic particles from a failing IMS Bearing or other debris and point it out in the PPI report.  We leave a new filter element in place.

Our PPI report also includes 100+ photos of the vehicle pointing out important issues found.

The way it works:
Look for your dream vehicle online or by word-of-mouth in the second largest Porsche market in the world (Florida).

When you find a suitable candidate and before you buy, contact us.

We can discuss any questions you may have and look at a tentative inspection date and time.

Inform the seller that you have retained our services and we will contact them to set up the for the PPI.

We will need to put the vehicle on a lift.

If you are purchasing from a dealer, they generally have a lift or can make one available from a nearby shop.

If you are buying from a private-party seller the car needs to be brought to us, where we can put it on our lift.

Either way a lift is absolutely necessary.  There is no way you can make a good inspection on a Porsche without getting underneath the car where the suspension, brakes, under panels and most importantly the underside of the engine are available.

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Why perform a PPI?

(Pre-Purchase Inspection)

These are just a sample of actual  high resolution, Pre-Purchase Inspection Report Photos.   An average of  100 different images  are provided with each written report showing all angles of the vehicle as well as any existing or potential problem areas that we discover.



Greetings Mr. “Smith”:

I performed the Pre-Purchase Inspection on the 2006 Porsche Carrera S this morning.

Following, please find our written report.

Click on the links to have the image open in a new window.

All of the files may be downloaded and saved and become your property as soon as we receive payment.

After the photo links you will find a ".pdf" file with the actual PPI.  It contains additional information regarding the vehicle.

If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact me either via e-mail or by phone.

If we missed any item, please let us know as there are many more photos taken during the inspection.

You will also find, at the end, the PPI forms used to prepare the report.

I arrived at XXX and spoke briefly with Mr. XXX, the Sales Manager with whom you spoke.

He gave me the keys to the car and found me an open spot across the street (in a somewhat dusty environment).

The dealership caters to sports cars and their lot was completely full.  Displaying Audi R8s, Porsches of all sorts, Nissan GTRs, Lambos, Ferraris, Lotus, etc., etc.



The car looks good and gives a very nice first impression.  It was clean and the paint has a nice, even shine to it.


Placed in service on 11/18/05  with 12 miles on the odometer.

It was originally sold and placed in service by XXX in Pompano Beach, FL.

Today, at the time of the PPI, the odometer had 14,868 miles logged (when tested).

I know that you're concerned about this car having been tracked.

I can tell you that I highly doubt that this car has seen a track or very high speeds.

Cars that are tracked generally show signs of high heat discoloration of the calipers (they turn darker) and the rotors (they turn blue and show minor cracks at the cross-drilled holes).

These calipers and rotors look like they've not received any major heat cycles.

Also the tires show no scuffs, cupping or rolling and with this mileage the tires, rotors and brakes are most likely original.

When I connected the Porsche System computer there were no error codes of any kind stored in the ECU's memory.  This could be because there aren’t any or because they were erased.  After the test drive I checked to see if any codes popped up.  There were none.

This car was originally very well optioned from the factory.  

The original MSRP was  $95,200.

The factory-ordered options include:

CO2: US Emissions

XAA: Aerokit

XCL: Instrument Cluster in Savanna Beige with Galvano Silver Surround

X70: Stainless Steel Door Sills with Logo

026: Charcoal Canister

267: Automatically Dimable Interior 

375: Sport Seat Right

376: Sport Seat Left

407: 19" Sport Design Wheels

446: Colored Crests in Wheels

554: Front Bumper Spoiler Lip

640: Sport Plus Chrono Package

680: Hi-Fi Bose Audio System

983: Leather Seats

991: Steering Wheel and Airbag in Leather

The car has 2 keys (with remote keyless access).

The interior is in good shape with the leather in generally good condition. 
















The lights are in good condition. Clear with no nicks or rash.





The interior is in good condition.








I found some wear on the seats, in particular on the driver's outside bolster, on the center console and hand brake, on the key rosette and on the A-Pillar behind the driver's seat.






The driver's side mat was fairly dirty  as were the TechArt aluminum pedals


... but the passenger's is in very good condition

The fuse box is intact, so no aftermarket wiring has been done.


The hood and both front fenders have a higher thickness of paint than the rest of the car’s body panels.

5.7 mil vs 4.0 mil, but this is consistent with the factory TechArt front bumper that gets blended into the hood and fenders when painted to match.

The exterior finish is  excellent.  It has a deep gloss with no visible swirl marks.

Although the car was parked in a dusty side street (next to the dealership).


The front bumper's spoiler shows signs of having hit a parking bumper.

On the left side the paint has even cracked.



On the right side there are very minor nicks on the underside of the lip.

All of the carbon fibre trim shows UV damage, in particular the GT-3 front bumper vent


and the two mirror inserts



The engine lid's "Carrera S" logo is missing.  This car was not ordered with the model delete option, so that means that it was removed after delivery.


The 19" optional Sport Design Wheels are in very good condition and show no signs of curb rash.





The tires on the car are all in very good condition and are all Michelin Pilot Sport.

The manufacture date on all 4 tires is 08/2005.

The fronts are 235/35/ZR19



The rears are 305/30/ZR19



The brake calipers all look good.  The clear coat over red is not peeling or fading.

The front brake rotors are worn down by 1mm, thus having 50% life in them.

The rear rotors are worn down by 0.6 mm, thus having 75% life in them.

Both front brake pads are worn down to 50% (50% life)



Both rear brake pads are worn down 30% (70% life)



The engine looks good, although it was dusty.

The first thing you notice is the cone air filter



The auxiliary components such as the water pump, alternator, and A/C compressor seem to be original.

There were no sings of leaks on the front of the engine.




The poly-ribbed belt shows no cracks or nicks, consistent with it's short service.


The under panels are all very good and show no signs of having ever rubbed anywhere.


The engine is very dry, no seepage or leaks of any kind are visible.




The oil pan and oil filter look good, with no nicks or seepage.



The transmission looks clean as well and no signs of leaks.

The suspension components all seem to be original and are all in very good condition.




All the lines, fuel, coolant and A/C look good.


The CV joint boots are all good and so are the half axles





The exhaust system is in good condition.  Although there are some signs of minor rust in he clamps and fasteners.





The headers and catalytic converters look clean as well.




The rear engine mounts look good and dry.



The car's battery is original and has the correct amount of electrolyte.

It is in good condition.


The Power steering oil was at the correct level and is clean.


Both of the front drains are clean.

The radiators are leak free and looked very clean although they both show some signs of road rash due to the very open front intakes with no grills.



The trunk is clean.



The manuals are complete and they also have the original window sticker.



Everything tested fine on this vehicle.

All of the electrical systems and components worked well (lights, alarms, displays, etc.)

The test drive confirms that this car is in very good condition.

The engine idles smooth and pulls strong.  The 3.8 liter flat six has plenty of low-end torque.

The suspension works well.  It is very quiet and in Sport Plus Mode becomes very firm and unforgiving of road irregularities.

The transmission shifts very well.  All of the gears mesh well both in upshifts as well as downshifts.

I found the brake pedal to be very soft although the brakes stop well.  I would highly recommend flushing the hydraulics.

Porsche recommends it be done at least once every two years ($200.)

Additional recommended repairs/maintenance:

The minor nicks and wear and tear in the interior is relatively easy to fix.

A good detail shop should be able to apply color-matching paint and leather dye to completely disappear the blemishes ($500).

The front end spoiler which has the cracked paint should probably be left as is, otherwise removal, repair, repaint and replacement of the front TechArt bumper is necessary ($500).

Removal, sanding, clearcoat, replacement of mirror carbon inserts and front bumper vent ($500).

The car seems to have been maintained well by it's previous owner.

All of the fluids were at their correct levels and seemed to be fresh (clean).

All of the service records should be available through an authorized dealer.

It is my estimation that the market value of this vehicle, today in South Florida should be between $55,000 and 56,500.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.




Pedro P. Bonilla

Odessa, FL  33556

(954) 385-0330



Following is an example of an actual PPI report.

Although  each report is unique,  they all follow

the same general guidelines.

This ad can be found in over 3 dozen PCA Regional Newsletters throughout the US and Canada

We offer two types of Pre-Purchase Inspections:

100-Point Pre-Purchase Inspection:   $450.00*

Includes: Exterior, Interior, Suspension, Drive Mechanism, Lights & Accessories, Fluids, Engine & Components and Test Drive

Recommended for 2009 and newer Porsche vehicles

100 Point PPI + Oil Filter Inspection:  $550.00*

Includes: The 100-Point PrePurchase Inspection described above plus removal and analysis of the oil filter element, where any potential metallic particle from a potentially bad IMS bearing or other would be caught.

Recommended for 1997-2008 Porsche Boxster, Cayman and Carrera models.

(*) Plus travel @ $1.00/mile in Florida from Zip 33556.

     Different mileage rates apply outside Florida.  Pleas call for details.

     No mileage charge for Inspections within a 50 mile radius of Zip 33327.

Some people have asked why should they have us do the PPI instead of a Porsche dealer which could be cheaper.

Our answer is: You get what you pay for. 

At a dealership, the person doing the inspection is generally a tech who is qualified to fix and work on these cars but who probably doesn’t own one (daily drive) and doesn’t race one and isn’t as knowledgeable as to how the car should feel, sound and perform.

Also, our PPI report is by far superior in every way to that of a dealer’s.  We include many more images and explain in detail every issue that we come across so that you can make a better and more informed purchase decision.

Finally, we work for you and have no attachment or conflict of interest with the car, whereas a dealer doesn’t work for you and may have a bias, especially if they are also the sellers.

If you have additional questions, concerns or special requests, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: Pedro@PedrosGarage.com

or via telephone: (954) 385-0330.  We enjoy talking Porsche.

Customer testimonials and or references available upon request.

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To make an appointment please feel free to contact us by:

E-mail: Pedro@PedrosGarage.com

Telephone:  (954) 385-0330

To make an appointment please feel free to contact us by:

E-mail: Pedro@PedrosGarage.com

Telephone:  (954) 385-0330

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