Each one of us wants a unique car.  A car that fits our needs and wants.  For it to be a perfect fit some of us need to modify to fill those needs.
Make it better ...
I have always modified things that I use to make them better for me.  My cars are no exception.
Whether it is for comfort or for speed, I can be found “hacking” my cars.  Above you can see a few of those hacks:

• Ultra-Short Throw Shifter
Porsches are notorious for sloppy shifters so I installed a B&M short throw and later, at the track I wanted it even shorter, so I modified it.  You can see the shifter in 1st and 2nd gears on this double-exposure photo.

• Digital Voltmeter and Footwell Lights
The Voltmeter placed on the fuse box can be seen through the steering wheel.  The footwell lights are a welcome touch when you drop something at night.

• Carbon Fibre Dash trim
Factory carbon pieces are very expensive.  We at technolab distribute what we believe to be the best real carbon fibre and wood dash pieces on the market.

• 150 mph and 150,000 miles at the same time
At a major milestone (ie: 100,000, 123,456 and 150,000 miles) I took a photo to commemorate matching the speed to the first three digits of the milestone.

• iPod & Cell Phone Holder, Extra 12 Volt Outlet
A convenient place to install these two useful pieces of technology.  Both are very handy, allow access to all their features and are placed for easy viewing while they are out-of-the-way.  The iPod interfaces with the audio system via an FM Modulator.

• Track Trailer
Because I’m now so active in Auto Cross and Driver Education events I install a good set of sticky tires and wheels so that I don’t wear out my street tires and can be more competitive.
So a small Track Trailer was in order.

SOME OF MY                       FAVORITES:
               For a larger view click on legend
  Center Radiator
 Pedro Sport Exhaust
 Two Tone Leather
 Orange Calipers
  Hand Painted Wheels
 Hi-Flow Air Intake
 Aluminum Pedals
 Notched Gas Cap
 Bent-Pin 18 for Top
 PedroCam for Videos
 Hard-wired V1
  Track Trailer