We are a Central West FL

based firm  dedicated

to the  Porsche marque.

Our services:
• PPI (Pre Purchase       


  1. Independent Porsche

   Service / Maintenance

Our Products are proudly made in USA

  1. Performance Products

  2. Enhancement/Protection Products        



About Us

Pedro’s Curriculum

Undergraduate studies in Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Post-Graduate Master’s Degree in Business Management

Founder and CEO of Technolab Solutions, remanufacturing firm under contract with OEMs.

Founder and CEO of PedrosGarage.com  ⓒ 2005.

Founder and CEO of Technolab  ⓒ 1985.


National Karting Champion

1973 & 1974 (Dom. Rep.)

National Enduro Champion

AMA Sanctioned, 250 & 500 cc

1981 & 1983 (Dom. Rep.)

Rally, Road Racing, Club Racing, DEs, AXs, Slalom, Gymkanas, Hare & Hound, Enduro, Motocross

2007 AX P14 (4)

Class Champion

PCA(1) Zone 12 Gold Coast Reg.

2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 AX P07 (4)  Class Champion

PCA (1) Zone 12 Gold Coast Reg.

Auto Clubs & Associations

Member of PCA(1) Suncoast Florida Region , PCA (1) Zone 12

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Phone: (954) 385-0330
E-Mail: Pedro@PedrosGarage.com

In Memory of my friend: Just Chuck, a.k.a. Porsche Pete

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1.- Porsche Club of America

2.- Blue Ridge Boxster Summit

3.- West Coast Boxster Fest

4.- Boxster Class 2.5L/2.7L

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PCA(1) Nationally Certified High Performance Driving Instructor


PCA(1) National Club Racing Scrutineer

PCA(1) National Tech Committee

Expert: Boxster/Cayman

Internet Presence

Founder: PedrosBoard.com

Member: Boxster Register

Member: Cayman Register

Member: Boxster Spec Racing

Member: Boxster Racing Board

Member: 986forum

Member: Planet 9

Member: Rennlist

Member: Renntech

Member: Babblers


Presenter @ Porsche Parade

Presenter @ Tech Tactics East

Presenter @ Tech Tactics West

Instructor @ BRBS (2)

Instructor @ (WCBF) (3)

Instructor @ Boxstoberfest

Speaker @ Multiple Tech Sessions

Technical Writing/Publishing

Monthly Tech articles in 3 dozen PCA (1) Regional Newsletters and in

PCA (1) Club Racing News

Author, Developer and Innovator of multiple Modifications and Upgrades for Porsche models 996/997, 986/987, 981/991, 992/718 and more.

48 Hours at Sebring (Tech Chair)

Committee Member since 2011

Pedro P. Bonilla